Sling-backs are back in style!

We Love Sling Back Heels

Wildfire is here to give you a look at the hottest shoes this season. With this in mind, it is time we brought a style that is on the rise to your attention— if you have not already seen them on the shelves, that is. Sling-back heels have made a hard and fast move to the top of the fashion world. How have they done this? Or better yet: why did they take so long to come back in the first place?

Why do we love sling-back heels, and what can we learn from their new-found popularity?

It is simple. Sling-back heels are an incredibly versatile style, which means they can be worn across many different settings and in different social situations. They can dress up or dress down as much as you need, and one pair can go a long way.

Anyone who is still giving sling-back heels the cold shoulder seems to consider them to be an older style. But since when has vintage been a bad thing? We all recently witnessed the rise of retro trainers and sneakers. And what about Birkenstocks? They have slowly but surely taken over the men and women's sandal sections for summer. The point is, sling-back heels bring a touch of the classics to modern fashion. It does not matter what colour or pattern you choose for your sling-back heels— the moment you step into them, it is like you have added a touch of nostalgia to your look.

Where to wear and why

You can certainly see the appeal of low sling-back heels. They are the perfect height for anyone whose place of work demands a more formal dress code. If you are out and about and on your feet all day, these sling-back heels are a great alternative to taller pumps because they are so comfortable to wear! These look stunning with skirts and dresses of all kinds, and just as good with work pants and fitted trousers.

Of course, no one said the office was the only place you could wear them. Sling-back heels are the perfect transition shoes from casual to formal and back again. You can wear them off the clock or on the weekend. If you want to wear them with jeans, we recommend pairing them with some cut-off or cuffed jeans so you can showcase the lovely sling-back feature at the back of your ankles.

Need shoes for a long event? Just use your sling-back heels! If you have a special occasion coming soon and expect to be up on your feet for most of it, sling-back heels are a clear choice. Since the heels are slim and small, you can get the look of a stiletto without picking up the exacerbated muscle strain. Regarding the look, sling-backs make a sharp and classy addition to any formal get-up. So should you be picking up sling-back heels for extended and durable wear? Absolutely!

All about colour

At Wildfire, we believe in adding a little pop of colour where we can. You can find plenty of our low heels in black or silver, but this season, the boldest shades are red and pink. In spring and summer, these will never look out of place. And, if you tend to drain the colour out of your wardrobe in autumn and winter, sling-back heels in a vibrant shade can lift your look to new heights. They are bold, eye-catching, and the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.

When you find the perfect pair, you will want to wear them everywhere, and with sling-back heels, you can! Shop shoes at Wildfire, for your next set of sling-back heels.