Special Occasion Coming Up? Check Out These High Heels Styles!

Wildfire understands the preparation that happens when women plan what to wear for special occasions. First, they'd go through magazines and watch videos, hoping to find inspiration. But, of course, outfits and shoes are the first things on the list. 


If your want to look stunning and stand out, Stiletto heels are the ones. Stiletto heels are women's high heels, giving an excellent choice among women, Although their shoe sizes are bigger than the others. But they consider this brand as one of their collections.


In Australia, women outhere use it at every party. This brand of shoes is known for its authenticity. Likewise, block heels also help improves your body weight and legs. 


And because high heels give an extra oomph, women are willing to go the extra mile to score the perfect one. It all boils down to your taste and preference. Good thing Wildfire carries a wide range to cater to your every need. 


They have different heels to choose from, like mid heels, square toe heels, court heels, block heels, platform heels, and open toe heels.

We made the selection process easier for you by sharing with you what we know. So please continue reading if you're ready to find THE one.


A Guide to Purchasing Your First Pair


If you're trying out high heels for the first time, we advise staying away from stilettos. We do not want accidental harm to befall your ankles and feet. The trick to walking in them is to master the art of balance. 


Regarding classy footwear, slim platform shoes are ideal for formal events, like parties or any occasion. You can match to all for formal attire and dress. Having a pair of these women's high heels shoes looks fabulous because of their styles, straps, and brands; it gives the confidence to wear. 


Wildfire offers a variety of shoes that will meet your preferences. Try low, mid, kitten, and block heels that are much more comfortable to use until night. These are the shoes that you can wear for long hours.


We know that no two customers have the same taste in high heels, so we offer a variety for shoppers, including square toe heels, mid heels, low block heels, heel mules, block heel sandals, and more!


For example, a pair of high block heels are perfect for alleviating the impact of your every step. In addition, its design spreads your weight evenly, removing the tension and pain from your lower back. 


It also gives support to your legs and foot. Block heels are their best seller. During warmer months, all ladies love wearing this. Another option is to choose high heels with open toes, which give your toes the space to spread. Unfortunately, pretty as they are, pointy pumps squeeze your toes together, which worsens an uncomfortable situation.


Continue reading the post to see more examples of the collection Wildfire has to offer. All Women's heels are saleable at the store. So go to the shop and get all the boxes of your favourite pair of shoes. Shop now!


Style 1 - Slingback


Every woman should have a pair of slingbacks to wear on special occasions. These high heels combine class, comfort, and support, which the strap around your ankle provides. In addition, it exposes the back of your feet so the world can see how sexy they are.


Is the special occasion a date? We suggest pairing your pink slingback with a little black dress (LBD). If you check out Wildfire's All About That Bling section, you'll find a hot pink number adorned with a diamante-studded design. 


But, of course, you deserve a second look, and that touch of colour provided by your high heels will achieve that.


Style 2 - Mules


Mules are the kind of high heels you must keep in your closet if you're practical. As a wise spender, you would want to keep a pair you can use on more than one occasion. Imagine the cost if you kept buying a new pair of high heels for every invitation to a special occasion you got.


These slip-on shoes are backless and breathable. The backs of your ankles are free from unnecessary rubbing and irritation, typically caused by strappy high heels or closed shoes. Is your special occasion a picnic or a road trip, perhaps? 


If so, how about pairing your mules with a maxi dress? Then, add on a denim jacket when the temperature becomes colder.


Style 3 - Platform

Platform high heels are perfect for women looking for added height but are averse to pain because of the elevation of the front part of their feet. In addition, your leveled whole feet will save you from unintentional twisted ankles.


Platform shoes are best for all ages. But for the elderly, Platform heels are more suit to wear. Open-toe heels and low heels too. These low heels are a perfect match for any wardrobe.


Choosing this pair of high heels will give you a retro vibe reminiscent of the '70s. However, if you are searching for shoes to take dancing with you, then platforms are your best bet! For people in Australia, platform heels perfectly match their formal attire.


Pair your silky chemise mini dress with one of Wildfire's platform high heels in the New Arrivals section. That specific pair comes in black and pink and will make you swoon. They are gorgeous! 


Practice Makes Perfect 


If dressing up is a part of getting ready for your special event, practicing is your preparation for wearing heels. You must be able to carry your high heels well in addition to looking nice while wearing them. We suggest walking them around the house to break them in. 


Upon purchasing your Wildfire high heels, practice walking them on as many types of flooring as possible: carpet, grass, and stairs. Some call wearing high heels a sport, as they are not for the weak-hearted. However, like in any competition, athletes prepare beforehand by strengthening the muscles and body parts involved in the game.


Likewise, if you plan to wear high heels, we suggest doing simple exercises to strengthen your ankles and joints. Finally, break in your high heels to avoid having blisters. Blisters are a pain to handle.


Because of a harrowing previous experience with high heels, bandages are a must-have in your purse. An easy way to break in your shoes is to walk around the house in thick socks. Doing this will slightly stretch your high heels and shape them to your feet for a perfect fit. 


Blowdryers are known to help expand extra tight pairs of shoes. So, we suggest you keep one nearby. Also, learning the proper way to stand in high heels is the best way to walk comfortably in them. 


Mastering this will prevent you from feeling further discomfort.


Walking with Ease 


There is a proper way to do everything. A guide to almost anything exists, and walking in high heels is no exception. Our team at Wildfire wants you to remember your special event in the best way possible: by walking like a beauty queen while socializing with everybody.


As such, here's how you should walk properly in high heels. Remember to touch the back of your feet to the ground first when you walk. Then, ensure your balance before moving your foot forward, towards the front end of your toe. 


Never put your whole foot down at once! Posture is critical when wearing high heels because your center of gravity changes. While all the available high heels at Wildfire will make you feel like a star, we suggest adding more sparkle by throwing in a hip shimmy as you walk in an imaginary straight line. 


Also, please take smaller steps to maintain your equilibrium. For example, the size of your stride is inversely proportional to the height of your shoes, so the higher they are, the shorter your strides become. 


The key to walking in high heels is to liken yourself to a reigning beauty queen doing her farewell walk before she passes on the crown!


Go and Get Your Pair!


So, what are you waiting for? Let's party. It's your excellent choice to get this favourite pair of shoes that gives foot forward. So, come and find your perfect pair at Wildfire! Get them early, so you have enough time to practice and prepare for your special occasion. 


Dont's be scared to try these brands. You can shop online by using clear filters. Clear filters help you to choose your different styles, straps, shoe size, stock, heel height, and even the Price. 


New heights of the shoe are coming soon. Stores are open daily.

The Price is affordable. Price is always depending on the style. Shop now until supply lasts.