Spring Heel Trends!

Who’s ready for the best springtime styles? Shop for heels at Wildfire, and you’ll be spoiled for choice. Our gorgeous collection has pretty pairs that are perfect for warmer weather. This season, are you searching for heels for a particular setting or are you looking for some recommendations to get inspired in 2020? No stress, because we’d love to talk you through the kind of styles, we have available and the places that they’ll do their best work! You can discover the best that Wildfire has to offer, but only if you keep on reading! 

Crocodile texture is a huge hit! 

Remember how leopard and snakeskin patterns were a leading theme for heels last year? Well, in 2020, the animal-inspired feature to look out for your shoes is crocodile skin texture. These lovely, leather-look heels are subtle but beautiful. Pairs with these patterns tend to come in complementary shades like beige and black, so styling them is simple and fun. Heels with croc texture have a subtler beauty than colourful spots and scales. They’ll be a trendy update to your typical plain shoes and won’t cause any outfit clashes because of misaligned colours either. Ladies who spend their week in an office or similar corporate settings will love this trend. Plus, these heels are perfect for dinners and semi-formal get-togethers straight after work too. Do these crocodilian shoes sound appealing to you? Check out our short mule and strappy pump heels if you’re interested! 

Love the retro look with cake-stand heels! 

This 2020 fashion trend will send you straight back to the 90s and early 2000s! Cake-stand heels are very similar to stilettos and other pumps, apart from the fact that the platform has a slight curve. This may seem like a minor cosmetic change, but it truly transforms the feel of these shoes! Wildfire’s fun vintage-made-new looks have all the elegance of classic cocktail designs, so you’ll have no trouble pairing them up with your favourite formal wear. Take a look at our cake-stand heels this year, and you’ll find a mix of shoes with slide-on fits and buckled ankle fastenings, and thong-style straps and slender horizontal bands. It won’t take you long to track down your dream pair of cake-stand shoes, so come and see what we’ve got! Take them out to the next work function, family dinner, or wedding that you get invited too. 

Try beautiful block heels with surprisingly slim sides!  

These block heels have a wide platform that is slim on the sides. Our customers love designs like these because they offer the enduring comfort and support of broad block heels and the slender side profile of stilettos. If you’re hesitant to buy bigger platforms because you’re worried that they’ll look too heavy under your lightweight spring outfits, but find skinny pumps uncomfortable, then these are the perfect solution to both of those problems! Even bold black heels in this design won’t appear bulky, because the slim sides disguise the platform masterfully and keep them looking lovely and slender. But you’ll still get better stability from these sneaky broad styles and lasting comfort that you’re sure to appreciate whenever they’re on your feet! Do you think these heels will work with your current wardrobe? Why not give them a try in 2020? They’ll be a perfect match with your favourite party clothes, and they make cute casual wear too!  

Who’s ready to start shopping?

Wildfire heels are waiting for you right now! We hope you liked this little glimpse at our leading spring styles, but there are heaps more to see. Jump online and browse through our gorgeous heels today! If you’re searching for the hottest 2020 footwear styles, then Wildfire is the place to look!