Stay on Trend With Our Range of Budget-Friendly High Heels!

Staying fashionable doesn’t have to break your wallet if you know where to shop for the items. 


While luxury brands can eat up a chunk of your budget, some affordable brands provide equal, if not better, quality. If you’re looking for trendy and budget-friendly high heels, there’s only one place you need to be: at Wildfire!


Access to affordable high heels gives women the freedom and spending power to build a shoe collection they won’t be guilty of. 


Each person has their weaknesses, and for shoe lovers, having the means to buy high heels without exceeding the budget is a win!


Shoes are essential, as they protect your foundation. While some people sacrifice comfort for style and affordability, you wouldn’t have to if you shop at Wildfire. 


The high heels collection at Wildfire ticks several necessary features—trendy, comfortable, versatile, and, most importantly, affordable. 


Moreover, shopping at Wildfire is a treat because you can use the brand’s flexible payment systems. You won’t have to break the bank because, with these systems, you can purchase your high heels now and pay for them in instalments later.


Wildfire’s collection comes in five price ranges: $0 - $20, $20 - $30, $30 - $40, $40 - $50, and $50+. Let’s discuss the styles from each range and which ones deserve a spot in your closet. If you’re ready, let’s go!


1. $0—$20 


The $0 - $20 range includes high heels that are on sale. If you want excellent ones, now is the time to grab them! 


The colours available in this range include black, blue, green, natural, pink, silver, and white. Some notable high heels to consider are Botany, Tivoli, and Lottie.


Botany is an excellent style for black-tie events. These high heels meet all the dress code requirements: black, tall, and strappy. 


While the shoes are 12cm tall, you won’t have to worry about comfort because they come with a thick, broad heel at the back and a platform sole in front. The buckled ankle strap will secure the high heels on your feet.


Tivoli is a fashionable mule you can wear on casual days, like hanging out with friends. These high heels will keep you supported with the thick top strap and comfortable with the square-toe design and triangular block heel.

Lottie is the perfect pair of high heels for work. With their pointy toes and adjustable slingback strap, these shoes will take you to work in style. Choose these slingbacks in green and make them the accent point of your look!


2. $20—$30


As of writing, only three styles of high heels are in this price range. They are in the colours pink and vanilla. If you want to inject more colour into your wardrobe without overspending, consider adding the pink options in this price group. 


Pink is a lucky colour this year, as it represents purity and romance. Imagine getting to look good and feel lucky simultaneously.


Desire in pink is the perfect high heels for dates and special occasions. These show-stopping formal shoes have stilettos and a diamante bow design on the pointy-toe front. 


Dance and party all night without worrying, as buckled ankle straps will secure these high heels on you.


Meanwhile, Linda is an open-toed pair of pink high heels for those who love showing their toes. These strappy shoes feature a tall block heel, which ensures comfort and stability, and a square toe design that allows the toes to spread comfortably. The self-tie design enables you to adjust the fit and provides a sexy silhouette around the legs. 


3. $30—$40


A lone black open-toed pair of high heels is available in this price range. Gwen is an online-exclusive, black slip-on sandal. These high heels feature stilettos and a thick mesh strap over your toes. 


If you need affordable, easy-to-match, and no-fuss-to-wear shoes, consider reserving a spot for Gwen in your shoe closet.


4. $40—$50


Like the previous price range, only one high heels style is available in the $40 - $50 range. Grab this one if you want to slay the party scene in a pair of platform shoes! Arna is a limited edition pair of statement high heels with a height of 13cm. 


These shoes will (literally and figuratively) elevate you and your outfit and make you the centre of everyone’s attention. 


Although these platform high heels are staggeringly tall, you will feel stable and comfortable thanks to the thick block heel at the back and the platform base in front. Security won’t be a problem either because of the buckled ankle strap. 


5. $50+ 


This range has the most products, 78 in total. The high heels come in twelve colours: black, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. Choose the shade that matches well with the wardrobe in your closet.


If your clothes are mostly in neutral shades, we recommend getting high heels in vibrant colours to add a stunning contrast. 


For instance, if you love wearing monochromatic clothes, like all-white or all-black, add green, pink, or purple. But if you have bright and printed clothes, get neutral high heels to balance them without stealing your clothes’ thunder.


It isn’t easy to narrow down the choices among the several gorgeous styles in this selection. However, the Wildfire team suggests three options: Brooklyn, Lorna, and Inspire.


Brooklyn is an ideal way to add a touch of glamour to your outfit. 


These online-exclusive gold high heels have a slim slide profile, a strappy design, and a slim buckled strap over the top to enjoy a secure fit and the elegance of a backless design!


Lorna will make your brunches and coffee dates comfortable, as these lovely mules offer a modern, classic look with their two top linen straps and trendy shape. 


These high heels have a slide-in fit and stylish profile, which would match well with skirts and dresses.


Inspire will help you sparkle, as these pointy pumps have diamantes encrusted all over. Wear these high heels with an all-black ensemble, and we guarantee people will shower you with glowing praise. 


Grow Your Shoe Collection with Wildfire High Heels! 


The Wildfire collection of platform shoes and wedges will take your shoe game to new heights, just in time for the summer. 


To put your best foot forward, choose from various heel styles, including pointed-toe heels, block heels, mid-heels, low heels, kitten heels, heeled boots, peep toe, or even mule heels.


With so many options, you will find your next favourite pair of women's heels. Buying a trendy pair of pumps or court heels in the sale before the formal occasion season begins is the best way to save a tonne of money. So, why wait? Shop online and look your best!


May these stylish and affordable women's high heels add happiness to your closet. Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or the online store now!