Stay Stylish at a Great Price With Wildfire Shoes!

Some have the misconception that looking good and feeling great come with a hefty price tag. It comes with the thought that you can only enjoy things if you pay a lot. But it’s time to squash this notion because there are fantastic options that do not exceed your budget.

A pair of block heels is an excellent way to elevate your style without compromising comfort. The broad base distributes weight evenly, ensuring you’re cosy despite extended hours. Block heels improve your health as they relieve pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back. But apart from comfort, these shoes have an uncanny way of boosting your style without too much effort, especially if you buy them from Wildfire.

The collection of block heels at Wildfire remains in a league of its own, providing accessible luxury for all. In a world where people expect quality to drain your wallet, one brand ensures you won’t have to. Wildfire’s inclusive collection of well-curated block heels keeps you on par with designer brands while prioritising your budget.

The commitment to affordability doesn’t diminish style or comfort. Why choose one over the others when you can seamlessly have all in one pair of Wildfire block heels?

The brand understands that price is a limiting factor, so it promises to deliver options that will empower everyone to invest in themselves while keeping their budget intact. Wildfire’s block heel collection is available in five affordable price ranges. Our team will recommend options at each range to help you find the one that suits you. If you’re ready, let’s start!


1. $0–$20


Feast your eyes on the colourful block heels available in the $0–$20 range. You can choose neutral and vibrant colours, including natural, pink, and purple. Going for natural-coloured block heels is an advantage because they can make your legs look longer and slimmer, like an extension of your body. But going for vibrant colours is equally good since they can brighten your look beautifully, especially if you’re into monochromatic black or white clothes.

Manhattan is a steal! These limited-edition block heels from the Wildfire collection are the ideal companions for parties and special occasions, with their diamante-covered two horizontal straps across the instep. The easy slide-in fit lets you shorten your prep time and be party-ready in minutes!


2. $20–$30


The $20–$30 price range is ideal if staggering heights are your thing. The block heels available stand at 13 cm, which might be daunting at first glance. However, the broad base at the back and the platform sole in front make the experience surprisingly cosy.

The block heels in this range come in black and silver, appealing to different tastes. The Wildfire team recommends Breaker, a limited edition option that will make you shine (literally and figuratively). These silver platform block heels have diamante embellishments, adding sparkle to your look. Wear these beautiful things and expect heads to turn.


3. $30–$40


Strappy block heels add a sexy silhouette to your feet. In the $30–$40 range, you can choose between a slide-in or a self-tie in black and natural colours. Neutral-coloured block heels are excellent additions to your shoe closet because you won’t worry about clashing. These colours complement all other shades beautifully. 

Transform your daily look with Tess, a pair of Wildfire slide-in block heels that will have you ready within seconds. These shoes are lower, making walking and staying on your feet for extended periods a breeze. The design of these shoes combines a trendy band across the big toe and zigzagging top straps. 


4. $40–$50


Short, buckled, ankle-strapped sandals are your choice within the $40–50 price range. These block heels are one of the cosiest styles in the Wildfire collection. Not only are you much closer to the ground, but you also get adjustable straps that secure your shoes firmly. Take these block heels with you on special occasions that call for dancing because your shoes won’t come off accidentally. The shorter height is a plus, making you feel more confident at every step.

Tamara deserves a spot in your shoe closet. These semi-formal block heels stand at a modest height of 4.5 cm, boosting your look effortlessly with their strappy design. It’s so easy to dress these shoes up or down, which you will find out once you add them to your daily wardrobe rotation. 


5. $50+

The $50+ price range offers various block heels catering to diverse tastes. Your options include strappy slide-ins, ankle straps, platforms, loafers, textured straps, cutouts, and others you didn’t expect. This range also comes in twelve exciting colours that cover a broad spectrum. Choose from block heels in black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, and white. 

The safest bet is a pair of black shoes, as the shade is versatile and matches all other colours in your closet. However, consider a blue pair of block heels if you want something different and prefer a more vibrant option. This colour is a nice contrast against an all-black or all-white outfit. 

Make a statement with Mansion in blue, the limited edition pair of trendy platform block heels at Wildfire. These shoes come with design features that can boost your style effortlessly. With crossover toe straps, a wraparound ankle strap, a retro round buckle, and a comfortable broad base and platform sole, wearing these block heels will always be the right choice.


Flexible Payment Systems

Wildfire aims to provide ladies with stylish block heels at affordable prices. While we already have reasonable price ranges that fit your budget, the brand also offers flexible payment systems that help you plan your purchases accordingly. These systems enable you to purchase your block heels now and pay in instalments later. Isn’t that a treat?


Spoil Yourself with Wildfire Block Heel Shoes!


Block heels should be stylish and comfortable enough to wear all day, whether going to the office, a night out, or just doing errands. No matter the event, you'll find the perfect pair of shoes and styles to suit any occasion in our collection. These shoes are ideal for all-day wear because of the increased stability and support provided by the heel's larger surface area, eliminating the possibility of pain or discomfort.

You deserve excellent women's block heels at a price that won’t break the bank. Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or check out our online store to grab one now!