Steps to Selecting the Perfect Wedding Shoes

Do you have a special event coming up? If you are nodding your head yes, we have the perfect range of footwear for you. We know how necessary it is to choose the ultimate set of footwear for the next big event. That is why the team here at Wildfire are ready and willing to help you out. 


If you have a wedding coming up, our range of shoes can tick all the right boxes. You will find that the selection of comfortable wedding shoes we have on offer will suit your needs. There is nothing we love more than rocking these kicks at the special event. 


If you are keen to find out more about choosing the ultimate set of bridal shoes, keep reading, sis! 


1. Colour


The first step in shopping for a new pair of wedding shoes is to prioritise the colour choices. The colour of your wedding shoes is super significant, which means this feature is something you should keep an eye out for. Our range of bridal heels offers a wide range of colours for you to pick from. 


You can trust that these are the perfect wedding heels to style with your wedding dress. Whether you are the bride or bride to be, our range of kicks will tick all the right boxes. There is nothing we love more than styling a pair of bridal shoes in the perfect colour that matches the shade of the wedding gown. 


Every girl knows that wearing a pair of kicks that do not match the colour of your dress is a huge mistake. So you will look your very best from morning until night with these coloured wedding shoes by your side, girl! 


2. Height on heel


We recommend keeping an eye out for the heel height when shopping for new wedding heels. If you plan to wear heels on your wedding day, you must check that you have found the perfect heel height. The best way to do this is to establish what heel height you want to wear. 


Whether you want stiletto-like heels or block-heeled pumps, you will find the perfect pair of bridal shoes right here. Our range of stilettos is perfect for girls who are not very tall or love a good height boost for the day. Use pumps as your bridesmaid shoes, even for the bridesmaid who loves an additional height boost.


These pumps can feel tricky to walk in at the best times, so remember to tailor your dress to suit this style. Then, treat yourself to INFLUENCE for your ultimate stiletto wedding shoes. If you want something else, you will find that block heeled shoes are comfortable and supportive on your feet. 


These pumps can take your look to the next level with style and ease! 


3. Straps


Do you love the feeling of being safe and secure? If you are nodding your head, yes, we have the perfect bridal shoes for you. Our range of strappy kicks is sure to become your new favourite style. These are the perfect set of bridal shoes for every girl to invest in if she wants to feel supported from morning until night. 


The straps will tie up around your ankle or calf and instantly support your wedding shoes. In addition, you will find that the strap detailing can come in styles and designs. So whether you are rocking a set of ankle-straps or ribbon tie-ups, you will love what this footwear style can do for you, girl!


4. Shape


The shape of your wedding shoes will play a big role in your final outfit. The shape of your footwear can be a make-or-break moment for the bride to be. There is a range of styles that offer a selection of shapes for you to choose from. It is always good to know that you will get spoiled for choice with this range of comfortable wedding shoes by your ride. 


We love showing off our footwear, especially when they are for a special event. Our wedding shoes feature a pointed-toe shape, open-toe, square, rounded, strappy, and clear. 


Something new will always pop up in the fashion world, which means you will have constant inspiration for your next pair of bridal shoes. There is a style for every bride-to-be in our range of bridal heels! 


5. Flats


If you are looking for a pair of flats to wear as your wedding shoes, then look no further. Our range of flats is the perfect style of footwear for every girl to wear on her wedding day. These are the perfect pair of comfortable wedding shoes that can get styled with every outfit. 


Wedding flats are the go-to kicks for girls looking and feeling comfortable from morning until night. There is nothing we love more than rocking a set of these most comfortable wedding shoes for the big day. But, of course, the best thing about getting your hands on a pair of these kicks is to wear them for other occasions. 


The options are endless with a set of flats in your life. These wedding shoes are sure to become your new favourite style of footwear. So go straight to the wedding party with them on your feet!


6. Accessories 


When shopping for a new pair of wedding shoes, every girl will forget to invest in shoe accessories. But, these are necessary to have in your life, especially for the big day. You will find that wedding shoes need accessories to ensure that your feet are comfortable all day long. 


We recommend investing in some half-gel innersoles for your next outfit. These are the perfect set of accessories for every girl to have in her life. All you do is place these inside your wedding shoes, and you are good to go. You will instantly get an extra layer of comfort with these by your side! 


Do you love the wedding shoes you see?


We know our range of wedding shoes is super stylish and flattering for every bride. So whether you are the star of the show or a guest at the event, you can trust that you will look flawless all day and night long with our range of bridal shoes by your side. Head to the Wildfire website today to get your new favourite pair of wedding shoes, girl! 


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