Stilettos Perfect For The Corporate Environment

Finding The Perfect Stilettos For The Corporate 

So, are you looking for a fresh pair of shoes for your working wardrobe? Heels have always been faithful friends in the workplace, and at Wildfire, we are bringing the best sets from our stilettos. Of course, there are some things to consider before you buy. That is why we decided to take and talk things out. So, what are the essential factors to note when getting stilettos for the corporative environment?

The best height

The height will be up to the discretion of your workplace dress code. While many tall, glamorous stilettos would look gorgeous in a corporate environment, the height may sabotage it. First, you need to be sure that they are both appropriate and comfortable. The last thing you want is for your stilettos to have a negative impact on your work, after all.

At Wildfire, we recommend that ladies who spend an extended length of time standing up or walking around should choose lower stilettos. If most of your day takes place at a desk, or you have plenty of time to sit down, then feel free to add some height to your stilettos.

Your experience with stilettos is another constituent of this. It is all well and good to pick a high pair, but you will want to be sure you can survive at day wear them before you decide to take them into the workplace. Otherwise, things might get a little embarrassing.

So, if you are buying something with a bit of height, make sure you are allowed to wear stilettos, and then that you are capable of wearing them.

Picking the right look

Pumps are an excellent choice for the workplace. At Wildfire, our pump-style stilettos have lovely slim heels and glossy patented finishes. Simple, beautiful, and easy to match with the rest of your wardrobe. They add elegance to any ensemble and remain at a reasonable, practical height for all-day wear and movement.

For a pair of low stilettos, you could always go with one of our sling-backs. These are a modernised vintage style that perfectly suits the fast pace of the working world. They are a trendy look in a practical size and are ideal for a busy day on your feet.

If you want to go for the full glamour look with your stilettos, then strappy or open-toed looks might be the ones for you. As well as being toweringly tall, these stilettos have a profile to die for and come in stunning metallic finishes.

With colour on the mind

The colour range you can find on our stilettos will be compatible with any wardrobe, heightening your look effortlessly. Beautiful black, sweet natural, and vibrant red are just some of our favourite shades for Wildfire stilettos.

Open toes or no open toes?

Again, this is a question you will probably need to open an employee handbook to answer. Stilettos with open toes make gorgeous formal wear, but whether you are allowed to wear them on the job is another matter. Of course, if you are free to flash your toes, then consider the weather too.

Winter is the perfect time for closed-toed shoes, given how frosty your feet might get otherwise. In contrast, open-toed stilettos are perfect for summer as they provide airflow and breathability for your feet on hot days, where closed-toed styles leave you to sweat things out.

Will you be adding stilettos to your office collection?

Once you have made sure the height and style of your stilettos is appropriate for your workplace, you have your pick of the best colours and looks around. Bring out a bit of your wild side this season when you shop with Wildfire!