Stop Putting Your Feet Through Agony...Try These Tips for Comfy High Heels!

Do you love to wear high heels but hate the pain that occurs? If you are nodding your head yes, you will love what we have in store for you. We know that wearing a pair of high heels can be super painful at the best of times. So there is nothing better than wearing a set of comfy pumps that can help your feet stay pain-free throughout the day and night. 


That is why the team here at Wildfire have gathered a range of helpful tips that can assist with the next time you go to wear a pair of women's heels. If you are keen to find out more, scroll down for some of our helpful go-to tips! 


Tip 1 – Strappy Pumps


One of our top tips when shopping for a pair of comfortable, perfect match high heels is to invest in a set of strappy pumps. This design is a must-have if you want to ensure that your feet are secure and protected all day long. 


Strappy high heels are perfect to wear if you want to enjoy the fun side of pumps without any pain. The strappy high heels are suitable to wear at a special event or formal occasion. You will find that these pumps can keep your feet strapped into place with ease. There is no better feeling than the one you get in a set of these high heels. 


Your pair of strappy pumps will look flawless on you. These high heels will keep you protected throughout the night and help you avoid any trips or falls. The best thing about these strappy high heels is that you can show off a little skin with them on your feet.


The straps will tie up around your ankle and mid-calf, which means you will need to show off some skin. We love these pumps, girl, and we know you will too! 


No matter what occasion you need your new pair for, where you want to wear them with them, or how often you'd like to take them out, Wildfire has high heels that can tick all the boxes!

Come visit our brand store on our online website or physical store. Our online website has clear filters to specify your preferred heel height, shoe size, price, colours, and categories for quick access.


Tip 2 – Block


Are you ready to invest in the most comfortable pair of shoes you have ever seen? If you are nodding your head yes, you are in the right place. Our range of shoes is sure to tick all the right boxes, especially with our block kitten heels. There is nothing better than rocking these high block heels from morning until night. 


You can trust that these shoes will never let your feet experience pain. Whether it is a night out with the girls or a brunch during the day, your high block heels will look and feel perfect on your feet. The key feature that makes these shoes super comfortable to wear is the block-shaped base. 

Block-based styles also distribute your body weight more evenly through your legs, which prevents muscle strain and fatigue when you wear them out for hours.


This look ensures that your feet are balanced, supported, and comfortable throughout the day and night. We love wearing EMILEE to every occasion. This high block heel is sure to become everyone's new favourite pump! 


And we're sure you can find your favourite pair of shoes here in Wildfire in various designs, colours, and styles to wear on any special occasion. May it be in casual or formal events. We have it in open-toe heels, closed-toe heels, and square-toe heels.


Tip 3 – Buckles


Please take a look at our range of high heels with buckles, girl! These are the type of pumps you do not want to miss. If you are worried about sore and unsupported feet, you will love to see what these shoes can do for your next look. 


Buckle straps are becoming super popular in the world of fashion. You will find that the buckle strap design will keep your feet protected all day and night long. The buckle strap will keep your feet inside the shoes and avoid any injuries from occurring. We love what these pumps can do for you. 


The best thing about our shoes is that you can pair them up with your casual or formal attire.


Take your look to the next level with a set of buckle-strap high heels! Our collection of shoes will keep you safe and secure without any pain from occurring. If you have not yet invested in a pair of these women's high heels, then now is the perfect time to do so. So what are you waiting for? Put your best foot forward with these buckled heels.


Tip 4 – Cake-Stand


If you love to wear unique and stylish clothing items, then you will fall in love with our collection of cake-stand high heels. These pumps are perfect to wear with your next statement outfit. The cake-stand trend is well and truly here to stay. This look has gained plenty of popularity in the world of fashion, and we could not get any more excited. 


The cake-stand design offers a thick and sturdy base for your feet to walk on. You will feel comfortable and supported every time you wear these pump heels. The best thing about rocking a set of these cake-stand high heels is that they come in various colours and designs. There is something fun and exciting about wearing cake-stand mid-heels to your next event. 


Spend the night out with the girls or a romantic date night with your partner. Your new pair of cake-stand high heels will be the perfect high heels to wear!


Tip 5 – Platform Stilettos 


Say goodbye to painful stiletto heels and hello to our platform alternatives. That's right; we are talking about our selection of platform slides. These bad boys are sure to become your new favourite.

These are super fun and comfortable high heels that every girl needs in her life. In addition, the platform stiletto heels offer a thick and supportive base for your feet to walk on throughout the day. 


In addition, platform shoes slim down your ankles and legs for a more flattering profile, so you can always wear them out confidently.

You can ditch the painful stilettos and swap them for a funky pair of platform heels. These high heels will look perfect on your feet. But, of course, there is nothing better than the feeling you get from wearing these pump heels, sis! 


Trust us for your top online shopping of your shoes. Whether you look for court heels, heel mules, or low heels, we have it for you here at Wildfire!


Tip 6 – Accessories


Girl, please tell us that you always buy accessories for your shoes?! If you are shaking your head no, then we need to get you sorted out ASAP. Our collection of shoe accessories will make your life a whole lot easier. When you wear your next silver heels, you will benefit immensely from investing in some half gel innersoles. 


These innersoles aim to provide an extra layer of comfort for your feet. You will never have to worry about experiencing any pain when you have a set of half gel innersoles on the inside of your pumps, sis! So get your hands on some today!


Are You Ready to Wear High Heels?


We hope our helpful tips have given you a confidence boost for your next shoe experience. Our collection of high heels can feel super comfortable on your feet if you follow these helpful tips. So head to the Wildfire website today to get your hands on a cute pair of black heels or other colours. Shop online now!