Stylish Flats Perfect For Casual Wear!

The most stylish flats of the season are waiting for you at Wildfire! Do you need a trendy new pair for your 2020 wardrobe? Let us help you decide which fantastic design to add to your shopping list!  


You can’t go wrong with sandals! 

What image springs to mind when you think about stylish flats? For us, sandals are the place to start! Sandals are trans-seasonal flats that you can wear throughout the year, which one pair can last you for ages and ages. We have a vast collection of sandals available this season. Some of our most popular sandals are flats with three thin straps over the top and a handy zipper on the back. Other pairs have a single band over the toes, a strap that loops around the back, and a buckled ankle strap. Grab your next flats in black and tan, and you’ll be able to pair your sandals with anything in your casual wardrobe. 


Do you have a pair of our flatforms? 

These flats come with a platform that will boost your height while still keeping you cosy and comfortable. Here at Wildfire, some of our favourite version of these stellar shoes come with contrasting stripes along the sole (for added style). Flats in this look also come with a trendy braided feature, so you know they’re a hot design this season! The two horizontal bands and wraparound ankle strap will provide a secure fit while you’re out and about, so you can trust our flatform shoes to take care of your comfort as well. So, if you’re searching for flats that can lift your height and aesthetic, then give these a try! In the autumn and winter, we recommend wearing flatforms with cuffed jeans and your go-to cold-weather basics. 


What about some woven slides?

When it comes to flats with a standout texture, you can’t beat woven slides! Wildfire’s top two versions are peep-toe shoes and pointy-toed footwear. Peep-toe flats are our pick for summer and spring because they offer the most air circulation and should stop your feet from overheating. Pair them with a much-loved t-shirt and denim shorts, and you’ll be ready for a day out in the sun! Pointy-toed flats have the same easy slide-in design as peep-toe shoes. However, these are an excellent option for your work wardrobe because they cover up your toes. If the office you work in has a strict policy against exposed toes, then the covered top will make the boss happy! And, no matter which version of these flats you decide to take home in 2020, you’ll have an eye-catching pair with a trendy texture! 


Save a spot in your wardrobe for sling-back shoes

Do you love vintage-made-new flats that can give any casual outfit a chic feel? If so, then our sling-back styles are going to be a favourite of yours in 2020! The pointed toes, distinctive sling-back ankle strap, and sleek shape come together to create this gorgeous design. Our flats come with sturdy but flexible soles, so they won’t slow you down on your busiest days! Do you want to use your sling-backs as casualwear? You can mix and match sling-back flats with skirts, pants, and dresses of any length, but try to keep your ankle visible so that you can see the feature strap! Also, keep it in mind that these shoes also make sensational office pairs. If you have a dinner date, catch-up with friends, or other plans that start straight after work, then sling-back flats are the perfect shoes to take you there! 


Which style did you like the best?

Any of these flats would be a great addition to your 2020 collection! Have a closer look at our shoes online now.