Stylish High Heels for the Office

Ladies reach for their high heels when they need to feel more empowered at work. Wearing these shoes can boost your confidence and elevate you so you can look at people at eye level. 


Staring people straight in the eye means serious business and will make people listen to what you have to say.


However, consider many things when buying high heels. First, style alone is not enough because it can be painful. Can you tolerate pain for around eight hours to wear gorgeous shoes?


Thankfully, there are high heels that combine comfort and style. You need these shoes to see you through a challenging day at work. Are you curious about where you can get them?


At Wildfire, of course!Wildfire has a vast collection of stylish high heels that are also comfortable. These shoes are ideal for the office and can take you to after-office events. 


Moreover, these high heels are so cosy, you won’t even notice you’ve been wearing them from morning until night. So, are you ready to discover the shoes of your dreams?


Our team at Wildfire will provide you with the high heels you must add to your wardrobe rotation. So save a spot in your closet for these shoes!


1. Block Heels Loafer


These high heels are the epitome of stylish comfort. It’s black and offers the perfect mix of the 90s with a modern twist. Visit Wildfire’s website now to glimpse the online-exclusive block heel loafer.


The shape and chunky block heel add height without compromising comfort or style. Aside from the thick, broad heel that distributes your body weight evenly, these high heels have a round-toe design your toes will love. 


Can you imagine the endless office wardrobe possibilities with these shoes?


You can never go wrong with an all-black outfit and these high heels. Tuck in a black satin blouse in your black trousers and accessorise with a necklace. Don’t forget to use a belt with a big buckle to contrast the black ensemble.


Check your closet for a white button-up collared shirt and dark denim jeans. Wear this combination with your loafer high heels and complete the look with a big bag and bangle bracelets!


Are you open to standing out at the workplace? This next outfit suggestion would require a bit of layering, which might be different from your usual style. 


First, wear your high heels with socks and pair them with a red cardigan and black tweed skirt. Finally, layer a beige trench coat to complete your winter office look.


2. Platform Mules


The open-toe box of these high heels is what you need to provide your toes with enough space to splay naturally. Toes play a massive part in balancing and comfort, which you need to minimise stress at work.


The limited-edition platform mules at Wildfire come in black and green. How lenient is your workplace when it comes to colour? If the office is more on the conservative side, we suggest going for black high heels. 


These shoes can guarantee your comfort because of the block heel at the back and platform in front, which level your feet. 


One of the unfortunate lessons we learned too late from stilettos is how a steep incline can cause more harm than good. At least with the platform mules’ high heels, your feet won’t deal with that horrific pain.


Let’s find fashionable ways you can style your platform mules for work. How about wearing high heels with printed cropped pants and a simple white sleeveless top? 


You can add a belted cardigan when the weather is colder. This office ensemble is elegant and full of charm.


You can keep the look simple. These high heels look great with different kinds of office dresses: midi, pencil skirts, lace skirts, and body skirts. During winter, switch to a tight-knit sweater dress for warmth and elegance.


If you have an important meeting scheduled, wear a suit. A suit goes well with platform mules and high heels and elevates your professionalism. When people see you in this office ensemble, they know you mean serious business!


3. Heeled Boots


Heeledboots are a trend, especially with winter around the corner. Wearing these shoes to work is acceptable and has been a practice for some time now. Wearing boots with block-high heels will raise the bar in style and height without compromising comfort. Not only will you look excellent wearing them, but you will also get more warmth.


Several options are available at Wildfire, but we recommend ankle and long. Opting for long boots will provide more coverage and warmth, allowing you to wear shorter skirts and dresses to work. 


These high heels will be your standout favourite this season, with their thick platform base, chunky heel, and levelled sole. 


The square-toe design and shiny outer material add a unique touch. Securing these high heels to your feet is a breeze with an inner zip.


Make a style statement by wearing long boots, a knit turtleneck dress, and tights. You can create a break at the waist area with a wide belt. If you’re uncomfortable with short skirts, you can also wear midis and long ones, but ensure the hem falls just over your high heels.


If you prefer ankle boots, there are options for you. Figure-flattering ankle boots in natural colours will give the illusion of longer legs. You’ll adore these high heels for their smooth finish and cosy underfoot. Height won’t cause any pain, thanks to the block, chunky heel.


Skirt suits look fantastic with ankle boots and high heels. Wear a white button-up top inside and complete the look with lovely earrings.


Upgrade Your Office Look!


If you want a sign to purchase Wildfire women's high heels to upgrade your office look, this is it! First, choose from any of the stylish and comfortable ones we described. Then, browse through others, as you may find more colourful ones.


Go to the Wildfire store closest to you or shop online and use the flexible payment options that let you buy now and pay later.


Wildfire has a wide collection of women's heels, from the boardroom to night parties. Heels in many styles (classic stiletto, open-toe, square-toe, kitten, block, and platform heels) are available. 


In addition, there is a wide selection of court heels, low heels, mid heels, heel mules, and pumps available to accommodate a range of foot types and sizes. Wildfire features your favourite pair for a special occasion or new season styles to take you to new heights. 


Platform shoes and wedges are great for summer, and their stilettos with straps will make you put your best foot forward.