Stylish Low Heels Perfect for Those Long Office Days

Gone are the days when the only accepted footwear in the office was anything above 7 cm! Comfort is now a top priority, so low heels have become the trend, especially since this kind is good for your health. If you're already stressed about work, you don't need pain and discomfort to add to that.


Ladies spend most of their day at work and deserve the best footwear to make the experience more bearable. Wildfire's stylish low heels are perfect for those long office days. They're trendy, versatile, comfortable, and affordable.


Low heels are the best at combining height, comfort, and stability. Of course, going for higher-end footwear requires dedication, practise, and breaking them in, but with your busy work schedule, that won't be your priority.


You need something with minimal maintenance, like low heels, so that when you get home, all you must do is put your feet up and rest after long workdays! In addition, women's low heels will always be there for you when your coworkers get together to celebrate special occasions or an evening on the dance floor.


Our team at Wildfire will help you style this footwear for work or play. Read on to learn more!


The Nexus of Comfort and Style


 Low heels are synonymous with comfort with a 2.5–5 cm height range! They are so cosy that you'll forget you’re wearing them.


It's understandable that, with how busy you are, you don't have time to stress over what low heels to wear. Wildfire low heels are stylish and stand out. They are an excellent middle ground between flats and shoes with much higher heels.


One more reason to go for these shoes is to protect your health. Wearing high heels all the time can be bad for your back, ankles, knees, and other body parts because they change your centre of gravity and the angle of your feet.


We recommend you prioritise your health so you can go to work comfortably and look stunning too!


Style 1—Kitten


Low kitten heels are a topic of much discussion because some people love them while others don't. These shoes are typically between 3 and 5 cm tall, with low, tapered heels.


These low heels are the "level up from flats!" That indicates that you get the comfort of flflat shoes and the slight elevation you need at work.


Turn your office's hallway into your runway by getting runway-inspired kitten heels. Runways typically feature these low heels, so choose one that draws your attention and rock it!


All the meetings will be a breeze with these shoes at your feet. It can serve as an icebreaker and a conversation starter, and you can walk comfortably from one meeting to the next in these low heels.


A styling tip involves a pencil skirt and double-breasted blazers. But, more importantly, there is no need to bring extra footwear because these low heels are also suitable for after-work events!


Style 2—Short Block Heels


If you're looking for the best footwear, look no further! These combine three essential characteristics for long workdays: comfort, style, and functionality.


On top of that, when you choose these, you also get an integrated arch support, a robust, moderate heel, and a cushioned footbed with shock absorption.


When you wear a short block to work, you get superior all-around support because of its proximity to the ground. More importantly, the thick width distributes your weight evenly, protecting your ankles and feet from pain and pressure. They're perfect for a special occasion like a wedding or simply a night on the town in Australia!


A styling tip to consider for work during the colder months is a cream trench coat paired with this footwear! However, midi dresses and most work outfits in your closet are ideal for the warmer months.


Style 3—Wedge


Are you worried about sweaty feet? Of course, you wouldn't want sweaty feet that can breed bacteria and fungi, so get this style!


Because of the breathability of this footwear, you can keep your feet fresh. Breathability is their strong suit, enabling air to enter and moisture to escape.


Why are wedges suitable for long days at work?


This footwear provides the same comfort level as flats but with an added lift. You'll like wearing these because they give your foot's arch a lot of support as you move from meeting to meeting. Additionally, the added cushion will shield your feet from shock.


Would you buy one if you knew that wedges are good for your health?


These give you more support, so your calves can relax, and your plantar fascia doesn't have to work as hard. A good wedge styling option is to pair them with a knee-length summer dress. When wearing wedges, you can also wear slimming pants to take some of the weight off your legs.


Colour and Size


 What's your favourite colour?


There are eight colours available in Wildfire's collection of low-heel footwear. These are black, gold, natural, pink, silver, tan, vanilla, and white.


The safest colours for work are black and natural, but if the workplace dress code is more lenient, buy whatever speaks to you! Clear-coloured footwear reminds us of glass slippers that highlight your beautiful feet.


These are appealing for long days at work because of their lower heels. It screams ease when you need it at work the most!


Do you know your Wildfire shoe size? It would be best if you did, because sizes vary according to brands.


But the question is, what is your shoe size?


Wildfire's footwear comes in sizes 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11. To determine your accurate size, measure your feet in the afternoon when they are at their largest. Next, check the handy Wildfire size guide.


The Perfect Pair Makes Long Days at the Office Comfortable!


You deserve something as exciting as you! So treat yourself to a pair of lower-heeled footwear that eases work stress. Choose a style that complements your taste.


Head to our online shop or the stockist nearest you to get your perfect pair (or pairs). Our selection of women's new heel designs for this season, including lace-up sandals, block heels, and pointed pumps, will update your appearance and wardrobe!


Remember to contact us for more information on our latest selection of styles.