Stylish Wedding Shoes for Everyone From the Bride to the Bridesmaids Are at Wildfire!

Have you been searching for the perfect wedding shoes? With your big day looming, you're likely in frantic mode already but would want nothing less than ideal. Your search for stylish wedding shoes ends at Wildfire!

The brand has a stunning collection that caters to everyone, from the ethereal bride to her equally beautiful bridesmaids. There's no need to hop from one store to the next because you can get all the wedding shoes at Wildfire. The collection has various style options, heel heights and widths, and even colours to satisfy multiple preferences and themes.

The exciting thing about shopping for wedding shoes is that there's no wrong choice. Brides can wear whatever they want and still be the stars of the big day. But with Wildfire wedding shoes, you will feel like an actual princess. The premium-quality materials and well-curated designs will make your feet feel pampered and comfortable for extended periods. Your bridal party will also feel grateful because they can experience Wildfire's excellent wedding shoes.

Your feet will feel great when walking down the aisle, mingling with the guests, or dancing the night away. And the best part about Wildfire’s collection is their versatility, enabling you to use them after the big day. Each time you wear them, you'll get to reminisce and look back.

Discover the best options depending on your preferences with the help of the Wildfire team. Let's start!


1. Closed or Open Toes


Choose between closed or open-toed wedding shoes based on your preference and the weather prediction on your big day. Usually, those getting married in cooler months or climates opt for closed-toe wedding shoes to prevent their toes from freezing, while those in warmer seasons choose open toes for more ventilation.

But apart from the weather, give higher points for your comfort when choosing wedding shoes. The easiest way to decide is by looking at your closet. The most common style is the one you prefer.

Wildfire's collection of closed-toe heels is gorgeous! You and your bridesmaids will have a ball trying them out and choosing ones that make for a great pair of wedding shoes. While they are primarily pointy toes, which can squeeze your toes and rub them in some places, there are ways you can make the experience more comfortable. Use toe caps or protectors to cushion your toes.


2. Low or High 


Traditionally, brides choose high heels for their wedding shoes because they need the necessary elevation to avoid tripping on their dresses. Back then, choices were usually stilettos or those narrow, thin heels. Imagine the lengths they went through wearing those thin bridal heels.

But it's different now. Brides and their bridesmaids can choose between low heels and high heels. Some things to consider when choosing the height of your bridal shoes are how comfortable you can stay in them and your partner's height. Is it okay to be the same height as them, or would you like to be shorter?

If you are leaning towards options with more height, we recommend checking out the collection of block heels at Wildfire. The thick, broad base offers stability, ensuring you won't get stuck anywhere. Although outdoor venues have soft grounds, block-heeled wedding shoes protect you from getting stuck on soil, sand, or pavement cracks.

More importantly, one of the advantages of wearing block heels is the immense comfort. These wedding shoes will distribute your weight evenly, so the pressure isn't in one area! You will have the best time at your wedding party, not minding the long hours because your feet are happy. Your bridesmaids will be doing more work than you, helping with the entire programme, so they will also appreciate how excellent block heels are.

To give you an idea, high-heeled wedding shoes are typically taller than 7.5 cm, while low heels range between 2.5-5.5 cm. It's best to bring your bridal shoes when you fit your dress so they can adjust the hem based on the footwear. 


3. White or Coloured 


Tradition dictates that brides wear white wedding shoes. But because fashion kept evolving, choosing whichever colour is more than welcome now. Check out Wildfire's collection of bridal and evening heels, where you can select among thirteen gorgeous colours for you and your bridesmaids.

The colours are black, blue, brown, clear, gold, green, natural, pink, purple, silver, tan, vanilla, and white, whether you prefer your bridesmaids to wear the same shade of bridal shoes for uniformity, something that goes well with the theme, or to let them have free reign.

If you know the tradition of wearing something old, new, borrowed, or blue on your wedding day, your wedding shoes can fulfil any category. But why not wear a blue one from Wildfire?


4. To Wear or Not After the Big Day 


As mentioned earlier, choosing excellent wedding shoes is a plus because you can use them even after the big day. In the past, brides would store their wedding shoes, taking them out only when they needed to air them out, checking if they were still okay and fit.

Something as valuable as your wedding shoes deserves exposure. It would be a waste to keep them hidden when they deserve admiration. And wouldn't you like to remember the happy moments of your wedding day every time you use your bridal shoes for other events?

When you shop from Wildfire, you can ensure longevity. The brand uses premium quality, durable materials that withstand wear and tear. You get your money's worth from top-tier wedding shoes in style, comfort, versatility, and durability.


Boost Your Big Day with Wildfire's Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes!


If you're a modern bride, Wildfire has the perfect pair of wedding shoes to match your wedding gown. Whether you're spending the day on the dance floor with the groom or catching up with your wedding guest, our shoes will ensure you feel comfortable and supported. Get a head start on your shoe shopping by ordering your bridal shoes online.

If you want to assist your bridesmaids in finding the perfect bridesmaid shoes to complement their wedding dresses, you can ask them to help you look for a pair while shopping for your bridal shoes.

With all things said, the decision is still up to you. Wear the wedding shoes that bring you joy and help you enjoy your special day. As mentioned, there's no wrong choice because you are the bride, and what you say goes. The essential thing is to choose the wedding shoes that epitomise you and your personality! And Wildfire has everything you need. Head to the nearest retailer or online store now!