Stylish Winter Boots You’ll Live In!

No wardrobe could be complete without wintker boots! Take home one of our excellent styles, and you’ll live in them all season long. After that, you’ll be searching for excuses to wear your favourite winter boots for the rest of the year too! Are you familiar with Wildfire and our collection of styles?

If not, you’re in for a treat! Let us guide you through our top winter boots. With a pair of our cold-weather shoes there to keep you feeling warm and looking fabulous, you’ll be ready for whatever the year can throw at you. Are you ready to hear about our best winter boots? Let’s begin!


Pull-on styles are classic casual shoes! 


You’ll know these winter boots by their stretchy elasticized side panels and sleek leather-look material. Despite the pull-on design, these shoes actually come with a handy zipper on the heel, so you can enjoy an extra easy fit onto your feet. The synthetic material on these winter boots makes them a go-to on rainy days, since mud, water, and other messes won’t leave lasting marks.

Even if they do get dirty, a quick wipe with a sponge (or a wet tissue) will do the trick to clean them up again. These winter boots are easy casual shoes and will look fine with your everyday basics. But, if you did want to dress them up a bit, then pair them up with a leather jacket in the same colour! 


Give our heeled winter boots a try instead!


Do you like the sound of our pull-on style, but desire a bigger height boost? You’ll be happy to hear that Wildfire has heeled versions for you in 2020! Like our classic pull-on winter boots, these styles have stretchy side gussets and a zip-up fastening on the back. The heels are the only significant difference.

So, if you love our regular pull-on winter boots, then get one of these block-heeled versions, and save them for a party or special event! We have this look in tan and black— take your pick!  


Sock booties are a cute pick! 


These winter boots fall somewhere between ankle-high and calf-high. The long ankle sock, sleek profile, and mid-high block heels on these shoes will flatter your figure and make your legs appear slimmer. You are sure to love the stylish look of the faux suede material on these winter boots, especially since it can make your entire outfit feel more fashionable.

Don’t get scared away from wearing these shoes when you’re out-and-about. Since these winter boots have block heels, you’re guaranteed hours of unbroken comfort and ease of wear, whether you’re indoors or outdoors. You have your choice of a natural or black version this season, so think hard about which pair would suit your current wardrobe the best. Then, add it to your shopping list! 


Over-the-knee winter boots might be your dream pair!


Not only are these the warmest shoes in our collection, but they’re also some of the most eye-grabbing. You’ll turn heads with these thigh-high winter boots! The soft faux suede fabric is gentle on skin, which means you’ll always feel great in your pair. You won’t have to struggle and strain and squeeze your feet into over-the-knee shoes either, since the side zipper allows for a faster fit.

The pointed toes, tall block heels, and long length make these shoes a bold pick. But, that doesn’t mean that styling your thigh-high winter boots has to be a difficult exercise.

You can wear shoes like these over your jeans and enjoy toasty legs on the coldest days. Or, since your legs will be warm anyways, you can pair them up with skirts or other summery clothes instead!


Give one of our winter boots a try in 2020!


You won’t regret it!