Summer Flats That Aren’t Boring!


Wildfire can bring you more than block heels and stilettos!

Our incredible selection of summer flats will amaze and excite you this season, for sure! Let us give elevate your wardrobe and keep your collection looking cute and current. We’ve got so many different summer flats for you to try this year, so we know you’ll appreciate a bit of help sorting through all of your choices. Settle in while we take you through the best new designs, their coolest features, and some ways that you might style them. We’ll find you summer flats that can unleash your wild side!


Flatforms are the perfect semi-formal option


Do you have a pair of these in your collection? If not, then it’s time that you changed that! Our platform summer flats are a fantastic fresh trend for 2019. We’re calling these the ultimate alternative to heels this season since their thick and eye-catching base gives you a height boost without putting any strain on your feet. Variations of all of our summer flats come in a platform look, including our mule slides, strappy self-tie designs, and classic open sandals. These would look gorgeous with your best party wear, whether your choice of clothing is a playsuit, dress, skirt, printed shorts, or some other event attire. Don’t miss out on our stunning platform summer flats!


Strappy summer flats could give your look the lift it needs! 


Like platforms, these toe the line between a formal and casual pair. The long crisscrossing ties on our lace-up summer flats are elegant and striking but still bring a fun vibe. We know that you’ll love the soft feel of the faux suede material against your skin, and the changeability of the fit. The thin and flexible soles also provide lasting comfort, so you know that you can spend the day and night in your self-tie summer flats easily. If you’re even remotely tempted to check out these shoes, then be sure that you do!


Feature buckles are a winning look too!


When you want slides that don’t go overboard with the décor, Wildfire recommends our buckled designs. The oversized buckles on these summer flats are non-functional (just for show), so you still maintain that all-important slide-in fit. We highly recommend shoes with this sort of décor for ladies who like to accessorise with metallic jewellery. If you’ve got a preference for silver or gold metal, then Wildfire’s buckled summer flats can accommodate you as well.


“X” marks the spot with our crossover slides


Get some of our most classic summer flats today! At Wildfire, we know that simple styles can sometimes be the most beautiful. We’ve got plenty of ornamental summer flats available, but when you need something that can complement your favourite casual clothes flawlessly (and without a fuss), then our crossover styles are the way to go! These come with thick bands that cross over the top of the foot to form an “x” shape. For a day out in the sunshine, there’s no better pair! Not only will crossover summer flats look gorgeous with anything denim, but they're also breezy when the weather heats up for real. 


Find all of these summer flats (and more) at Wildfire today!


Did you enjoy that brief look at some of our favourite 2019 trends? There are even more waiting for you on our shelves, so make sure that you have a look! It's impossible to leave without seeing something that takes your fancy, with so many different types of summer flats available. Discover your dream match at Wildfire today! So, don’t hesitate! You'll find stylish summer flats that inspire you from our store.