Summer Heels Perfect For Your Summer Wardrobe!

Take on the season in a new set of summer heels! Together, let's go through a handful of the hottest designs at Wildfire. We've got all of the shoes that you should be adding to your shopping list in 2021. We've got the perfect pairs for parties, weddings, functions, and other calendar-worthy events this year. Of course, there is also an assortment of gorgeous everyday summer heels on our shelves. Which type of shoes do you need for your wardrobe the most? Since Wildfire's summer heels come at such affordable prices, the answer should be a little bit of everything! 

Toe thong summer heels are a popular pick right now!

Are you tired of the same strappy styles that pop up every season? Anyone looking for summer heels with a point of difference should add platforms with toe thong straps to their shopping cart! The fun part of these shoes is that they have the same relaxed vibe as classic beach thongs, but with all the elegance of a mid-high set of stilettos. 

As such, these summer heels will keep turning heads when you take them out to play! The other great thing about toe thong styles is that you will be able to dress them up however you want. When you've got a party on, put these summer heels on under a printed jumpsuit or colourful dress. If you decide to wear your thong-inspired platforms on a typical day, dress it down with a denim skirt and top in the same colour! Too easy, right? 

Spice up your outfits with colourful summer heels! 

It's always tempting to buy shoes in complementary shades like white, natural, and black since they'll match with almost anything. But don't let fear stop you from experimenting with vibrant summer heels this year! In 2021, some of the best-loved shoes in our early collection have been ones in pastel pink, blue, green, purple, and similar shades. 

These lively little summer heels will brighten up any outfit in an instant, whether they're your basic (single-toned) clothes or ones covered in an eye-catching print! Do you think our short block-based shoes could be a good match for your collection? If you like the sound of bright summer heels with braided straps and a cosy fit, then add them to the list! 

Don't forget about boots and booties!

When most people start shopping for summer heels, they head straight to the strappy styles and breezy-looking platforms. But don't forget that you might need the extra coverage and protection offered by our booties and similar styles! Since the weather is so pristine during the warmer months, many events get held outdoors where you can enjoy the sunshine, and that means you need summer heels that can handle that! Do you want to wear platforms to a setting where your feet will get exposed to bugs, prickles, and similar hazards? 

Having summer heels that shield your skin will be great. Skim through our collection of structured booties, or browse around our selection of heeled ankle boots instead. Either way, you'll have bold summer heels to wear with your favourite warm-weather outfits! 

We have so many more styles for you to see! 

There will never be enough time for us to explain all of our summer heels in the detail they deserve. We hope you enjoyed a little tease of a few of our most popular picks for 2021, but there's a lot more to look at here. 


Why don't you head to our website and skim through some summer heels? 

We know something will grab your attention. Have a look!