Summer Heels That Are Perfect For Your New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Looking For The Perfect Heels For New Years Eve? 


End the year in style with a fabulous pair of summer heels! Here are some quick tips


Why you should be wearing the latest look for New Year’s Eve!


There are scores of reasons why you might want to be more selective when choosing summer heels for this special occasion.


Remember that New Year’s Eve that you wore stilettos on the lawn and lost a shoe? What about that time that you slipped your narrow summer heels between a crack in the deck and tripped in front of everyone? If you don’t want a disastrous story about your summer heels, then it’s time to be a little more discerning about what sort you should wear and where.


Secondly, you and your summer heels are guaranteed to feature in plenty of photos from the night. Some will be your snaps, others from others, and some that you'll want to be destroyed as soon as possible the next morning. Either way, when you’re reminiscing about your New Year’s Eve, you want summer heels that you can look back and remember for the right reason.


Down at the beach


Settling in on your towels or a picnic blanket to watch the fireworks is a New Year’s Eve tradition for friends and families. It’s time you have summer heels that are up to the task!


The thing that you will have to consider with beach parties, however, is how much sand you anticipate your summer heels will be contacting. Our tie-up and buckled espadrilles are a fantastic pick if you plan to brave the sand since their platforms are nice and flat.


You should have no trouble walking in these. However, we will still recommend that you choose summer heels in this style that are on the lower end of the spectrum. After all, it will be dark if you’re watching the fireworks, and a long day of celebrating might have you walking wobbly from the get-go.




If you’re all in to spend New Year’s Eve dancing away your worries out at clubs, then we have some tips before you start selecting your summer heels. Mainly, our advice is to avoid faux suede finishes.


As beautiful as this look is on any summer heels (there’s a reason they’ve been so popular for 2018!), and while they are more durable than genuine suede, water is still not their friend. Once the night kicks off for good, you will be glad to be wearing something more liquid-resistant when a stranger starts spilling drinks or smashing glasses.


With this in mind, we’re also going to veto open styles. Find some summer heels that are mostly, or even partially covered. Some good cage-style summer heels or lace-ups could do the trick nicely. The extra protection should minimise the damage if rowdy dancers start tromping on toes!


House parties


As usual, we anticipate a mild or hot New Year’s Eve, so if you’re at a house party that features a pool, then there is every chance that you and your summer heels will be going for a swim.


We’ve all seen it.


Either it will seem a great idea at the time (until you realise that your phone is in the water with you), or you might get dragged, pushed, or (everyone’s favourite) picked up and thrown into the pool, clothes and summer heels in all.


If a midnight jump into the water is any possibility, then we recommend a glossy patent or smooth synthetic style. You can have your pick of pumps, block-based shoes, and stilettos, and still, stand a chance of wearing your summer heels in 2019!


Have fun and stay safe


Start your New Year the right way with Wildfire summer heels!