Summer Shoes You Can Wear All Year Round!

Ok, so you probably can't wear your summer shoes and flip flops all year round. You'll freeze your toes off! But there's no reason why you should have to put away some heels like your mules, open-toed heeled booties and of course, your trusty evening wear strappy high heels. 


So, hold up! Just before you go and put away those summer shoes, take another look because there's no reason why you can't wear some of your warm weather footwear favourites all year round. 


As we come into trans-seasonal wear, you are probably anxious to start pulling out your winter woollies, and we don't blame you! With next season's warm outfit ideas flowing through department stores, it's hard not to get excited. 

Of course, there's no harm in starting your winter stock up with trendy structured knee-high boots and classic ankle boots. However, there are probably more than a few pairs of casual summer shoes that can be worn well into the winter months and, in fact, all year round. 

Not Sure What We're Talking About? 

No problem, at Spendless, we have a range of the latest fashion trends in summer shoes, and that is perfect for all-year-round wear and not just those warmer months! The most versatile,  favorite summer shoes that can be worn all year round would have to be high heels. The most popular summer wardrobe yet trans-seasonal styles that pop into mind would be slip-on mules and open toe boots and caged style heels.   


Mules are versatile summer shoes that can be worn with almost anything in your wardrobe. You can choose to wear these styles with work outfits, weekend wear for evening wear. Their versatile appearance and easy slip-on styles make them a popular choice amongst women. These shoes styles are a definite must-have in every woman's wardrobe! 

As we said, mules make great work heels. A short kitten heel is perfect for the office. Stay completely comfortable throughout the day. You will always feel like you've put in some kind of effort into your work outfit by finishing off any look with a pair of these summer shoes, despite how low they may be! 

These slip-on summer shoes come in a range of trendy styles. Our styles vary from something with multiple simplistic thin straps or a single thick chunky braided strap across the front of your foot. Regardless, you will always feel fully supported, comfortable and right on trend with your summer outfits in a pair of our kitten-heeled mules. 

As we said, these womens shoes will always look great with your work attire. Throughout the warmer months, look great, rotating your favourite dresses, skirts and wide-leg pants with these effortless styles and continue wearing these heels throughout winter too.

They look just as good paired with your high waisted slim leg pants, wide-leg pants as well as winter style midi dresses and skirts. Besides work attire, these styles look great with your casual weekend wear, especially jeans and relaxed slip skirts, perfect for your winter weekend uniform.

And if you are looking for a pair of higher heeled mules for your events and occasional wear, then you can't pass up our high-heeled mules. Again, this pair of shoes come in a range of styles that you can easily bring over into your winter wardrobe.  Looking for a simple strappy style or a thicker, heavier woven leather style,  translucent straps, or buckles? How about crocodile skin textures, braids, jute rope soles, or even sparkling diamantes? 


Spendless has you covered! 

Regardless of style, our high heeled mules vary in heel shape, too, block heels, cake stand and stiletto. So, you will be sure to find the perfect heels for whatever the occasion. We love seeing these dress shoe styles worn with your best summer dress, jumpsuits, and dressy pants. However you choose to wear our high heeled mules, don't feel obliged to restrict them as summer style only. These trans-seasonal pieces will get you through a whole year of events and special occasions. 

Open Toe Boots and Cage Style Heels

These versatile summer shoes are a perfect example of trans-seasonal heels. They look great when worn throughout the warm weather months. They also transition into winter well, keeping your feet looking trendy as ever while adding some warmth and protection through winter's harsher elements. 

Their open and closed designs make them a great wardrobe staple throughout winter. These summer shoes are usually closed across the foot and come into a low ankle boot height with open toes and heels. Amongst those, these summer shoes also feature details like cut-outs, lace-up styles, woven cage styles, ankle straps or buckles or hidden side zippers. So although these heels seem like classic summer style shoes, their closed appearance means they will seamlessly transition into those cooler months. 

Just like mules, these versatile heels can be worn with almost anything in your wardrobe! Wear them to work or with your weekend wear. This casual shoe style looks great with midi skirts, slim leg pants and jeans. So, style these heels for work or play. 

Knowing that these babies can be paired with anything in your wardrobe completely takes the hassle out of worrying about what pair of shoes to wear! Confidently throw on a pair of open-toe boots or cage style heels all year round. 

No longer will you feel silly wearing a pair of boots in the warmer weather, as these heels are hardly boots. You will also find these summer shoes available at Spendless year-round, so don't feel limited to only wearing these gems during specific months! They're made for year-round wear, and what's not to love about that?

Now that we've broadened your horizons in summer shoes, don't be afraid to take your summer shoes from the warm weather months and seamlessly into the cooler months too. There is no rule book for wearing summer shoes in the wintertime, so embrace these timeless styles that can be worn all-year-round! 

Unfortunately, your boots don't always look great with your best dresses for special occasions, so don't be limited to certain footwear for certain times of the year. Pull out those summer shoes and get as much wear as possible out of your footwear favourites. 

While you are at it, don't forget the man in your life! Check out our line of mens summer shoes. Mens summer shoes can do double duty as well!

Make your way to Wildfire now and pick up a pair of summer heels that will no doubt transition seamlessly your summer wardrobe into winter!