The Benefits Of High Heels When It Comes To Outfit Styling!

Transform Any Outfit With A Pair Of Stylish Heels

If you want high heels, then you've come to the right place! Bring out your wild side when you shop for shoes at Wildfire! High heels can turn any outfit into a formal one and give it a sophisticated feel. These are perfect if you're toeing the line back towards casual wear or a relaxed gear and need something to lift your look.

So, how can you decide which will work for you? When it comes to picking a style of high heels, the first thing to do is think about what you plan to wear with them, and for how long.

Picking for comfort

If you can wear the tallest of towering high heels for hours and hours without getting sore feet, then feel free to peruse our styles at your pleasure. Otherwise, remember that the thicker or lower your high heels are, the more reliable the comfort.

For long events with lots of standing, walking, or dancing, then high heels with an excellent broad base are the best way to go. Save your stilettos for seated venues, restaurants, or quick get-togethers.

Stilettos and blocks

Block-style high heels and stilettos have been warring it out for the top spot in women's wardrobes for decades now. While they are both beautiful and elegant styles, they do have their share of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to styling. Block high heels have the advantage of better stability, support, and long-lasting comfort. However, if their point or platform is a little too thick, it can appear bulky under a slim-fitting or floaty outfit. In the meantime, while stilettos can add an elegant feel to any clothes, their tiny points can also sacrifice some of the comforts that other high heels have.

Our top picks

High heels with metallic finishes such as silver and gold, or styles with rhinestones and diamante embellishments, can do no wrong as formal wear. These will always be a staple at weddings, parties, work functions, and other dressy events, thanks to their classy feel. Regarding the best outfits to pair with these shiny high heels, you can pick from both ends of the spectrum. A simple block-coloured outfit will never look out of place with these, and the same goes for something equally shiny and glamorous.

You also get the option of pairing your shoes up with your favourite jewellery.

Strappy block-style high heels add an elegant touch to any outfit and even provide cover for your feet, with their beautiful crisscrossing lace-up ties that can wind around your calves to make them appear skinnier. These are the ideal choice if you want something that can complement an ankle-flashing playsuit or little party dress.

If you want something light and elegant, then go for one of our open styles! These high heels have a minimal design, with one strap across the toes and one around the ankle. Gorgeous as stilettos and block-style high heels alike, these work well with your rattiest jeans on the weekends and with your best formal get-up.

Remember: when it comes to your high heels, it's all about you!

You should always choose high heels that make you feel great. Otherwise, what's the point? These are your last-minute touch-up that can bring the whole look together, and something you should be able to trust to see you through any occasion. When you pick a pair of high heels, make sure you have something that doesn't just boost your height, but also your confidence!

So, are you ready to shop styles at Wildfire?

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