The Best Heels For Beginners

Are you looking for your first pair of heel sandal? Wildfire has some suggestions! We’ve been helping customers find their perfect match of heel shoes for years, and we’re sure we can get an excellent pair of womens heels for you too!


 So let’s break it down to basics! If you’re a beginner, the safest options for you are short kitten heel or low heel styles with a broad base since they’re the easiest to walk in and provide long-lasting comfort. But, who wants to get some more details?


Wedges Are A Safe Pick For Beginners!


Wedges are a fantastic choice for ladies who are new to wearing platform heel! Since you have the whole soles of the shoes to balance on while you walk, move, dance, and do whatever, you should have no trouble getting around in them.


One of the best about wedges is that the heel height isn’t on an overly high slope. These premium leather shoes come with flat platform bases on the bottom, so the first few centimetres will raise you without setting your feet on a steep angle.


That means you can be sure that the tallest of our wedge heels for women will treat you to hours of uninterrupted comfort! But are you unsure about whether wedges are stylish enough for your wardrobe?


Allow us to put your mind at ease because Wildfire’s wedge heels are some of the hottest looks on offer this year! Forget about boring black leather sandals with big bases! Instead, our wedges are stylish heels with all the best features that the season has to offer.


You can find styles with contrasting soles, round retro buckles, raffia material, thick top bands that can flatter your foot shape, and so much more! In addition, there’s sure to be a set of white heels wedge in our range that takes your fancy— take a look at your options today!


Block Heels Are Fantastic For Ladies Who Are Still Learning To Walk On Platforms!


These broad platforms are the next on the list of most effortless leather heels for beginners. These come with wide heels like our wedges, and a more significant base means better balance and enduring comfort. Block-based styles from Wildfire come in tall, medium, and low heel styles.


Which heeled casual shoes do you think would suit you? We believe lower toe heels are an excellent pick for workdays, everyday wear, and extended events like weddings. But if you want ethically sourced shoes for parties and special occasions that can flatter your figure and add elegance to your look, then take our block heels along!


Now, would you like to hear about our favourite womens heels online? Wildfire has so many gorgeous mid heel block heels, but we see particular interest in ones with braided top bands, crossover straps, big toe bands, and other trendy features!


You’ll find nude leather shoes and other dress shoes in different finishes, such as faux suede, shiny satin, crocodile (or lizard) skin, raffia, metallic material, and smooth faux leather.


Whether you’re searching for stylish black leather heeled shoes with standout finishes that can turn heads or something chic and classic that can match with any outfit in your wardrobe, you’ll find it at Wildfire!


Do You Want To Try Stilettos? Start Small!


Kitten heels and other short heeled boots or stilettos are the best options for novices. However, since these have thinner platforms than block-based shoes or wedges, they don’t offer the same degree of balance. As such, the best way for beginners to find their footing with these heels is to pick some low heel.


The lower incline will place less stress on your muscles and joints, which means you should be able to wear them for a long time without any discomfort. Short heeled party shoes also mean you have better balance (since your centre of gravity is lower to the ground), so you should shake off any wobbles.


We have heaps of low stilettos and ankle boots for you to choose from, so we’ll point out a few of the trendiest picks in 2021 to help get you inspired! In addition, we’ve got cute retro heels with slightly curved stilettos, wide top bands, and a timeless peep-toe look.


We’re sure that you’ll appreciate the array of colour options for this style of womens shoe. Toe thong heels online are also pretty options for customers this season, especially if they come with trendy crocodile textures!


Like our block-based platforms, low kitten heel are flexible enough to wear with formal or casual clothes. Low heels are also a famous match with corporate outfits, particularly in a workplace or office setting. So, how will you style your new stilettos in 2021?


Don’t Forget About Our Foot Care And Shoe Care Accessories!


Are you still worried that you won’t make it through a long day or night in your new heel loafer? Since we’ve told you more about the styles we have available in our collection and which ones are best suited to beginners, we’re confident that you’ll be okay with the next pair of peep toe you pick!


However, we also appreciate that having a bit more help (and some extra padding in your heels) is never a bad thing! As such, you’ll find a great assortment of foot care accessories in the Wildfire lineup and plenty that you can wear with your platforms or black school shoes! Gel or fabric heel grips are a popular pick.


While they’re a reasonably thin strip, they’ll protect the sensitive skin on the back of your stiletto heels. If you notice that your new pair is tight in that area or rubs against your skin as you walk, then our grips should stop you from getting blisters! 


After that, we also have innersoles which you can slide into the base of your mule heels. Most of these inserts come in black, white, or see-through material, and since your feet will cover them anyway, it will be difficult for others to spot innersoles in your white leather shoes.


The extra padding that our innersoles provide for your heels or wedding shoes will help absorb shock, alleviate pressure on your feet and ankles, and give them a cushioned feel. So, feel free to treat yourself to additional support this season using our foot care accessories!


Find Your Ideal Heels (And Accessories) At Wildfire Today!


Will your first pair of platforms be block heels, wedges, or short stilettos? Wildfire has fabulous styles for beginners in 2021, so come and browse through our online store!