The Best Heels To Wear While Travelling

Searching For The Perfect Heels?


Depending on what the occasion is, what you have on the itinerary once you reach your destination, and how well you deal with wearing them in the first place, the perfect set of summer heels can be tricky to pick. Lucky for you, Wildfire has an excellent and varied range that can suit any woman on any trip. We have summer heels with skinny points, block bases, and wedges, of all heights.


So, what will be the ideal choice for you? Here is a look at the current Wildfire range, and our top four summer heels to take while you travel!  


The best summer heels for work excursions


Not all of your trips are going to be fun-related. There are plenty of professions that include regular travel. Chance are, your employers expect you to step off of the plane looking your best, not like you didn’t get any sleep and took your chances with some questionable-looking meals during the flight.


Where a getaway you organise might include some buffer days to be kind to yourself and get over a nasty case of jetlag, workplaces tend to keep schedules tight. Acting the part means looking the part, and that starts with a good pair of summer heels.


Which looks do we recommend?


1) Short and slim


Kitten-style summer heels are a prime place to start. These vintage-made-new shoes are low and lovely, shaping your feet with their pointed toes, and slimming down ankles with a flattering design.


If your trip involves a lot of walking or time spent up on your feet, then these will help you stay comfortable for longer. As such, kitten-style summer heels are a natural pair to pack for trips with business meetings or other events where you need to look polished and professional.


2) Pump it up


Slim summer heels are some of our most popular, so we can’t blame you for considering our pumps either! Classically beautiful, these skinny summer heels come in glossy patent or soft faux suede materials that will add a new element of style to any outfit.


If your feet are well-trained to handles stilettos at this height for hours on end, then pumps are perfect for your work conferences and the like.


Summer heels for a casual getaway


Sometimes, the real reason that you’re packing summer heels into your suitcase is to look and feel gorgeous in a faraway place and take plenty of photographs. If that sounds like an excellent add-on to your next holiday, then we have hot summer heels that will make a sensational look. Wildfire has shoes that will keep you as relaxed and comfy as they do trendy.


Must-haves for your holiday


3) Espadrille wedges


This season, some of our most popular picks are our espadrille wedges. These summer heels have big block bases that ease pressure off of your feet, boost your height, and have your legs looking slim and elongated. Want to soak up the sunshine during your trip? Our espadrille summer heels will be a stunning match with short skirts and dresses.


4) Strapped looks


Strappy summer heels are another trend to get behind if you’re travelling in 2019. Our structured styles provide more cover for your feet, which is excellent if you’re unsure of the sort of terrain that your shoes might have to handle. Not only that, but our lace-up summer heels are a top favourite this year, and a great way to commemorate a trip with the trendiest look of the season.  


Fly away with the best!


If you need a pair of summer heels to wear when you next travel, then Wildfire has just what you need.