The Best Way To Care For New Heels!

The easy part is done! You've shopped, bought your new pair of heels online (and of course, felt fabulous doing so!). You've worn them — now comes the part that we all seem to forget about, and that's caring for your new womens heels. 


Like anything, it's easy to get home from a long day out. You'd want to kick your shoes off, sit down and take a load off as soon as you get home. Before you've even made your way downstairs, you've already forgotten about the heels you've kicked off into the hidden depths of your wardrobe! 


Your heels are worn almost daily and keep you and your tootsies in one piece all day, so the least you can do is care for your shoes a little harder and treat them like the prized possessions they are. Because the reality is, once your favourite pair is worn out, it is very hard to replace your beloved favourites. 


If you are a high heel lover, then this one's for you! Read on as we tell you the best way to care for your new heels!


The right pair of heels can be investments, and that doesn't mean that affordable shoes can't be investments either. As we said, the right pair of heels that are looked after properly can be kept and worn for years to come. A timeless, classic style will never go out of style, so do yourself a favour and look after your favourite shoes properly, and they can last you a lifetime. 


We cannot stress enough the importance of taking care of your heels. By regularly doing these few things, we guarantee it will keep your prized possessions in perfect condition! 


1. Clean Your Heels Regularly


Yes, we know how hard it can be to come home from a long night out, kick your shoes off and then do a thorough clean! Well, lucky for you, that's not what we're asking! The least you can do is clean your heels regularly, especially after a night out in your classic white heels! 


Whether you've spent the day wine touring through the hills, or have been out dancing the night away, regardless, no doubt there has been drinks and alcohol no less, involved. So do yourself a favour and clean those shoes as soon as you can, despite how sore your head might be! 


The easy steps include simply using a damp cloth to gently wipe over the surface of your shoes and leave them out to dry. The beauty of our heels is that they are all vegan friendly. 


That means you don't need to worry about damaging the black patent leather or suede fabrics, so you will easily be able to wipe over your shoes with water. If your heels are a leather-look, don't be afraid to use warm soapy water to clean off those tougher marks. 


A quick wipe over after wearing your favourite dress shoes on a night out will keep them looking as good as new!


2. Instant Shine


For your non leather heeled shoes, you will want them looking shiny as new for as long as possible. If your shoes are looking tired and sad, then all you need is our Instant Shine sponge, which is suitable for all colours and styles. Forget the mess of regular shoe shiners; our instant shoe-shine will instantly get your womens heels looking event ready! 


3. Dry Your Heels Thoroughly


If you get stuck in the rain or accidentally walk into a puddle and your heels get soaked, then it's a good idea to dry the shoes out thoroughly and evenly. It's easy to resort to drying your heels out with a hairdryer or by leaving them out in the sun to dry, but that can do more damage than good! Instead, let your heels dry out evenly and slowly, find a spot in the house that is naturally cool and airy, without any direct sunlight coming through windows. 


4. Store Your Heels In A Wardrobe


Your strappy heeled shoes deserve a space of their own and if you want them to last for a few years and stay in the perfect shape, then make a conscious effort to store your strap heels on shelves in your wardrobe. 


Try and keep your stiletto heels stored together on a set of shelves, rather than storing them with your regularly worn footwear. Keeping them on a shelf with similar shoes will help keep them dry and prevent outside elements from interfering. This will keep the dirt from the soles of your everyday footwear away from your beloved heels and will, in turn, prevent any damage. 


5. Give Your Heels A Day Off!


As much as you love your high or mid heel shoes and would love to wear them every day, it's important not to! Especially if you have a favourite pair to wear to work each day, then look into investing in a second option.


By doing this, not only will you always have a trusty back up pair, but you will also save your favourite heels from overwearing damage. By wearing the same shoes day in and day out will most certainly cause damage and won't last as long as you might like. 


But what a great excuse to get yourself a new pair of heels instead of grabbing a pair of flat sandals! Grab a favourite new pair of shoes in different colours and rotate them throughout the week. We wouldn't mind multiple pairs of new heels! 


6. Protect Your New Heels


Do yourself a favour and get yourself a heel stopper! This is a protective plastic cap that sits on the bottom of your stiletto heels. This protective cap will save your heels through all the wear and tear that comes from all-day wear on lawns or other uneven surfaces.


Opting for a pair of stiletto heels to an event where you will be standing on lawns, gravel or dirt throughout the day? We suggest you pop a heels stopper on your shoes. They will make you feel extra stable and supported all day and will also save you from sinking into the lawn or getting your heels stilettos stuck between decking! 


Don't let the lawn ruin your day or night. Our grass stoppers are perfect for a day at the races, weddings, garden parties or a Sunday barbeque gathering on the back deck. Protect your stiletto heels with our heel stoppers. 


7. Replace Worn Out Heels


Despite following our handy tips and tricks, eventually, your shoes will get worn out, and this is completely out of your control. For your safety, we recommend you throw away worn-out shoes and replace them with a new favourite. If you just can't part with a pair, then bring them to a shoe repairer and get your heels replaced or soles reupholstered for a small fee. 

Styles may come and go, so it's important to remember that comfort and fit are important when buying a new pair of shoes. So, if you find a pair of dressy shoes that you love, then do what you can to look after your shoes as best as possible by following our tips and tricks.


Also, pick up our foot care and shoe care products that will keep your Wildfire womens heels in immaculate condition for as long as possible!