The Best Way To Care For Your New High Heels!

Have you just bought a brand new set of high heels? Do you want to ensure that you get your fair share of wear out of that new pair? Let Wildfire help you get the most out of your styles this season! We know that there’s nothing worse than ruining shoes soon after you get them. Our high heels may not be expensive, but you can still expect the best longevity from our footwear! We’re here to help you along today with some of our best tips and accessories for high heels. Are you ready to get all the details?  


Consider the material type before you take them out in bad weather! 


Are your new high heels leather-look designs or faux suede? Here at Wildfire, our synthetic styles are durable and difficult to mark. However, while these high heels have better water-resistance than pairs made from leather, our fuzzy faux suede ones are not ideal for rainy days.

While a bit of water won’t cause too much trouble, you would be better off wearing high heels in synthetic leather on the wildest wintery days. These sleek shoes can handle rain, mud, and similar stuff without any lasting effects. So, if the morning forecast warns of bad weather, then you know which high heels to choose! 


Store your new shoes with care! 


While high heels are more than capable of dealing with hazards underfoot, you still need to be careful about where and how you store them. Avoid squishing your shoes together, and try to keep styles with décor like diamantes and studs from brushing up against other pairs. If you don’t have a proper shoe rack or shelf to place your high heels on when you’re not using them, then consider keeping their original box. 


Keep your pair in excellent condition with an Instant Shine sponge! 


If you could only pick one shoe cleaner to have in your household, Instant Shine would be a perfect choice. Instant Shine is a dry-working cleaner, which means it works on high heels in every type of material and colour.

You’re in full control with this cleaning accessory, and as long as you don’t scrub too harshly, you don’t need to worry about displacing décor (like diamantes or beads) either. You can get the grime and dirt off of our leather-look pairs in seconds. A few swipes on faux suede can clean and smooth down the material, and leave your high heels looking like new again! 


Protect your high heels with stoppers!


Are you afraid of mishaps with your skinny platforms? Anyone who’s ever lost their high heels to soft lawn, or snapped the base off in between the gaps of a deck, or tripped over loose rocks and wrecked their shoes will understand. Whether you’re in tall stilettos or short kitten-high shoes, skinny bases can spell disaster in certain terrains.

Lucky for you (and your vulnerable high heels), Wildfire has the perfect solution to this problem: stoppers! These simple accessories slide onto the bottom of your stilettos and act as a surrogate base. With stoppers on the ends of your high heels, you will find walking over soft and uneven surfaces is a less stressful endeavour. 


Treat yourself to our care accessories this season!


We know that you and your high heels will benefit from one (or all) of these accessories. Not only will they keep your shoes in prime conditions, but they’re also incredibly inexpensive. We highly recommend adding one of these handy accessories into your shopping cart the next time you buy high heels from Wildfire. After all, if you only get one pair of shoes, that extra add-on might get you past the threshold for free shipping. How great is that?