The Best Way To Store Your High Heel Collection!

Your heels are one of those things in your wardrobe that gets lost and forgotten about. After a long day of work, it’s easy to throw your shoes off at the bottom of your closet and forget until you need to pull them out again!


The following day when you’re running late and scrimmaging through your nude leather heels collection looking for the ‘right’ ones, you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why don’t I put my shoes away properly?”


Well, not only is it unorganised and messy to throw your platform sandal shoes away at the bottom of your wardrobe but believe it or not, you are damaging your beloved women's heels online shoes.


Tidy Up!


It's time to put a stop to this unorganised mess and start storing your barely their heels shoes away properly, keep reading, and we will show you the best way to store your beautiful collection of high court shoe heels!


Your heel shoes are delicate and lightweight, meaning they require some care and gentle handling when they are taken off and stored away. So please do yourself a favour and follow our simple tips to keep your beloved pump heels properly and prolong their lifetimes.


Tip 1 – Don’t Throw Your Heels On The Floor


Although it’s easy to throw your block heeled shoes off onto the floor after a long day of work, it's essential not to keep your heel sandal stored on your wardrobe floor.


Not only does it make your platform heels harder to find when everything is thrown into a heap, but also you are more likely to damage your platform heels when you are constantly throwing and moving wedge sandals shoes around in search of a specific pair.


However, we understand that not everyone is blessed to have an extravagant walk-in wardrobe and can be short for space when it comes to your wardrobe.


So, if this is the case and your only option is to store your pair of black shoes and online exclusive heels on your wardrobe floor, then do yourself a favour and implement some organisation! You paid money for your beloved black leather heels, so treat them well; instead of throwing them in a heap, line them up nicely.


After that's done, you would have created some organisation in a usually messy space and made more space. You know what that means, more space for more women's heels!


Tip 2 – Avoid Storing Heels On Wire Racks


If you don't want to store your stiletto heels on the floor and would like to put a shelf, then we recommend avoiding wire racks.


Although they may seem like a great lightweight option compared to a chunky heavy shelf, it’s not an excellent option for your flared heels. Why?


The wired base is a nightmare when storing certain types of shoes, like high heeled boots. Unfortunately, your designer brands heels will fall right through a wired gap.


Wire racks are more trouble than they are worth when it comes to storing high heeled peep toes, so let's move along!


If you are looking to get a shoe shelf at the bottom of your wardrobe to store your flat boots shoes, look at getting a sturdy flat base shelf instead, which is much easier to keep your high heels. Bye, bye sinking thong heels!


Tip 3 – Store Shoes Into Categories


If you are lucky enough to have shoe shelves in your wardrobe, then make full use of them and make a conscious effort to store your shoes into categories. Keep your high heels held together, and keep your everyday low heel shoes stored together in individual categories.


By doing this, not only will make your search for the right dress shoes each morning that much easier, but it will also limit damage made to your high black heels.


Separating your shoes into categories will help keep your heels dry and clean and prevent any outside elements from interfering. This will keep the dirt from the soles of your everyday footwear away from your beloved black patent high heels and will, in turn, prevent any damage to these delicate date night shoes.


We recommend keeping your flat shoes in groups, for example, group one: flat sandals you wear every day, group two: mid heel you wear to work, and group three: peep toe heeled for special occasions.


 Once you have everything categorised, this will make your search for the right toe heels shoes much easier each morning!


Tip 4 – Use Shoeboxes


Again, if you are lucky enough to have ample space in your wardrobe, why not invest in some shoebox storage options. If not for all your shoes, then at least your special collections like high heels pump are only worn for special events.


Of course, you can always use the original shoeboxes that your high heels leather boots came in, but isn’t it satisfying to have a tidy and coordinated wardrobe! So why not invest in some stackable clear shoeboxes with lids? You can pick these up for affordable prices at your local homeware or storage store.


Using these shoeboxes for your high lace up boots heels that aren't worn daily will keep them free of dust and clean from scuffs and movements from other shoes sitting on your shoe shelf.


The clear see-through boxes make it easy for you to search for specific stretch boots heels you are looking for, and using lids will keep your shoes protected and, in turn, prolong their lifetime.


If you are limited to space in your wardrobe, there are many creative ways to store your heels and other shoes apart from using shelves and shoeboxes. You need to find a creative way that works for your space; play around until you find something that works just for you!


Tip Five – Be Sure To Clean Your Heels Before Putting Them Away


This will keep your shoe storage space clean from dust and dirt and will keep your heels in tip-top condition. Wipe over your heels with a damp cloth before putting them away, scrub off any dirt that may have stuck to the bottom and sides of the shoe. Again, this will keep your space dirt and grime-free, and taking extra care of your high mule heels will prolong their lifetime.  


Take Our Word For It


At Wildfire, we know high heels, so make shoe care a priority and take good care of your beloved shoes, and they can last you a lifetime!