The Block Heel of the Season Is Here!

Are you seeking the most comfortable way to elevate your look this season?


Because if you are, we have a recommendation for you. Add a few centimetres to your height comfortably and effortlessly with the help of block heels. The arrival of these godsent shoes changed the fashion landscape like no other trend.


Ladies feel more confident about their day because block heels made it possible, changing how women view heeled shoes because they evenly distribute the wearer's weight.


We've heard countless horror stories of ladies suffering from pain and pressure, twisting their ankles, and worse, losing their balance and falling because of stilettos. 


But you can forget about all that now that the block heels are here. These shoes can provide the height you need without the pain.


You cannot go wrong with any Wildfire styles, but one kind of block heel stands out this season. 


Get ahead of everyone else by scoring the coveted style before others do. The team from Wildfire will give us a rundown of everything we must know about these block heels. If you're ready, let's do it!




Have you seen the mule block heels at Wildfire?


If you haven't, now is the perfect time to check them out. These block heels deserve a spot in your shoe closet because of their minimalist elegance. Mules are ideal for ladies looking for a no-fuss way of elevating their looks (literally and figuratively).


These shoes are backless, meaning they do not have closures around the heel. You can wear mules within seconds by sliding your feet in. Block heels provide mules stability and support, enabling the wearer to look and feel her best. 


The collection at Wildfire typically has a wide strap covering the front of the feet, while the back employs a rectangular or square heel, which is broad and stable.


Apart from all these, one benefit you can enjoy when you wear mule block heels is breathability. The open design of mules allows for better airflow, which keeps your feet dry and fresh all day.




The height of block heels varies, ranging from low to high. You can stay closer to the ground or stagger above everyone else. The shorter ones stand at around 2.5–5.5 cm, while the higher ones are greater than 7.5 cm.


There is another version of mule block heels that provides even more height—the platforms—which keep your feet level as the platform sole in front saves your feet from steep inclines.


But either way, mule block heels can elongate your legs and create a more flattering silhouette.


Check out Jordyn, a Wildfire mule worthy of a spot in your shoe closet. Jordyn is a vegan-friendly pair of block heels with gold chain detailing across the thick strap. Its sleek design and gloss finish can catapult you to the top as the best dressed. 


Our block heel shoes are available in a wide range of colours, allowing you to pick the right shoe to complement every office outfit and particular designs for special occasions. Every style is catered to, from nude to casual shades. 


Add some colour to your outfit by choosing Sour in the colour green. These platform mules have block heels and thick soles that keep you comfortable while staying tall. Sour will make you look sweet if you wear it with a white mini dress.




While mule block heels are ideal for warmer months, you can still pull them off during the colder months with the help of tights. Tights provide the cover and warmth necessary for a cold day and still provide styles to suit your look. 


However, you must stick to completely opaque tights! Plain and non-patterned ones work well with these block heels, ensuring they won't distract from your mules. Only some people can pull off this look, so we're behind you if you're up for the challenge!


An ideal weekend brunch look includes black ankle-length jeans and a loose-fitting blouse. Your pants, trousers, or jeans must end around the ankles to keep your block heels visible. 


What's the point of wearing gorgeous shoes when you're going to cover them anyway? Besides, the length of your pants creates a silhouette that works well with mules.


As for looking stylish at picnics and garden parties, we recommend wearing your block heels with a floral top and shorts. Alternatively, you can wear a floral dress. 


Wearing mule block heels with dresses can lend you a youthful appearance with an urban flair. Wear mules with a jersey maxi dress and bomber jacket for best results. You can also wear mules with a shirt dress.


Walking with Confidence


Block heels are famous for their comfort; walking in them won't be a problem. But to be safe, we're sharing some tips on how to walk while wearing them or any heeled shoes.


  • Practise when you can. Buy your block heels days or weeks before using them, leaving enough time to wear them around the house daily. Start with thirty minutes, increasing the duration daily.
  • Take smaller steps. Please remember that the higher your block heels are, the shorter your stride becomes. Do not expect to be walking the same way as when you're wearing sneakers or flats. Walk heel-to-toe, slowly putting one foot in front of the other. Never put your foot down at once.
  • Never look down. Learning to walk with block heels is like riding a bike, where you always look ahead to your destination to maintain your balance.
  • Lean back slightly and maintain good posture. Wearing women's block heels, higher than usual, will force your body to move forward to compensate for the change. Counter that by leaning back to help you relieve some pressure off the front toes.
  • Use heel grips and gel cushions on your women's block-heeled shoes to help absorb impact and lessen the rubbing.


Our shoes feature heels with a larger surface area, providing ample support to ease discomfort or pain. Whether you need a pair for a special occasion or footwear for all-day wear, we have you covered.


Be Among the First to Grab This Season's Style of Block Heels!


Change your wardrobe for the season by adding Wildfire mule block heels to your shoe collection. 


Thanks to our wide selection of styles and low price points, you can find the perfect fit of shoes that suit any event, be it a night out dancing with friends or bar-hopping. We invite you to compare our shoes with those of other brands.

Head to the nearest retailer store or shop online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later! Browse other Wildfire heeled mules before checking out!