The Cute Heel Trends You'll Be Seeing Everywhere This Spring

The sun is shining, and the birds are singing. That’s right. It is time for warm weather to make its way here! If you are ready to get your toes out and show off your bronzed legs, then a pair of spring heels will be up your alley. We love styling a new pair of pumps with some super cute and summery outfits. 


A pair of spring heels will help you achieve this look with ease. The best thing about investing in some new spring heels is that you can wear them again during the cooler months of the year. Spring heels offer a fun and vibrant vibe that will make all heads turn when they pass you by. 


We know that choosing a new pair of pumps can become a little overwhelming because of all the super cute styles that are on-trend. The team at Wildfire have gathered a range of super cute spring heels for you to get some inspiration for your next search of footwear for your collection. 


We have got your back, girl! Take a read below of all the super cute spring heels we have selected below, and fall head over heels in love with these new spring additions! 


Platform Sandals! 


This footwear style may not classify as the typical look of spring heels, but they blend into this category perfectly. Platform sandals offer plenty of height and stability for your feet which is the perfect feature for your spring heels. 


Platform sandals are a must-have style of footwear for the warm weather. They are breathable and super stylish so, they can take you from day to night with ease. A pair of platform sandals are the most comfortable alternative to high pumps if they are not your favourite thing to wear. 


Platform sandals give you the best of both worlds regarding heel height, providing plenty of outfit options. This style of spring heels pairs perfectly with a flowy dress or bike shorts and an oversized tee-shirt. Any outfit that you select to wear will look stunning with a pair of platform sandals, babe! 




We are feeling sexy in stilettos. The all-time classic style of women’s pumps is making a comeback this season. Stilettos are the perfect style of spring heels that are perfect for anyone to wear. They are classy, sophisticated and a whole lot of women! 


These spring heels are the best to wear at night so that you can flaunt your legs with confidence, shoes, and outfit with ease. Stilettos are the perfect spring heels to wear after some pumps that will accentuate your legs. These stilettos come in various colour pop and designs, which is excellent for girls who love to spice up their look and create something unique. We love a stylish sister! 


Block Heels!


Say hello to the perfect shoes for spring - the block heels! These spring heels are on-trend and super-hot property in the fashion world. This style of heels is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe. They are versatile, stylish, and super comfortable so, you can go from day to night looking the very best. 


Block heels are taking over the spring shoe trends due to their attractive features. These shoes offer a low base which makes them easy to walk in and comfortable on your feet. This feature is perfect for promoting strong and healthy feet, as you will not have to put so much strain on your feet. 


Block heels are a statement piece to wear during spring, and there are so many more colour pop and designs coming out. These spring heels let you slip in and out of them with ease, so if you come home after a big night out with the girls and want to jump straight into bed, you totally can! 


These are the ultimate pair of spring heels to wear during the warmer months, and we have no doubts about them looking fabulous on you! 


Wedge Heels!


 If you need a new pair of spring shoes for your wardrobe collection, then a pair of wedge heels will do the trick. This style of spring heels is the perfect option for you if you love to stand and walk in comfort and style. Wedges take inspiration from the fashion scene in European countries. 


Women wear wedge heels during summer, winter, and spring. Unfortunately, their fashion is not what we see here, so rocking a pair of wedge heels in spring will make you feel like you are on a gorgeous island in Greece. 


Wedges look super cute with a long skirt and cropped t-shirt when looking for a more casual outfit. If you choose to dress up these shoes for a Friday night out with the girls, then wear them with a cute mini dress to flaunt all that you have got! You will have all eyes on you when you wear these spring heels. 


Self-tie heels!


Want to change up your look? Why not try a pair of self-tie spring heels? These are the perfect go-to shoe when you want to change your style and add a little touch of fun to complete your look. Spring heels in this style are perfect for a more casual look. This gorgeous pair of pumps are the shoes you need in your life. 


You can wear them when heading out on a wine tour with friends or spending an afternoon by the beach sipping on cocktails. These spring heels are stunning when you are planning on wearing an outfit that highlights your legs. Self-tie spring heels are designed to get shown off because they wrap around your calf. The style of this shoe will not be worn to its full potential if hidden under a maxi dress or pair of wide-leg pants. Self-tie spring heels are a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe!




Every girl knows that it is necessary to purchase a selection of accessories to help wear a pair of spring heels. We recommend investing in some accessories, so you do not hurt your feet and damage the shoes. If you love to wear stilettos, you will find a set of heel stoppers very helpful. 


These little stoppers sit underneath the stiletto base to stop them from sinking into soft ground. This tip can include wet grass, mud or holes and drains. If you struggle to wear a pair of spring heels and feel like your feet are constantly in pain, then why not try out some half gel innersoles.   


These are the best kind of accessories you could spend some money on as they will save you from a whole heap of pain. In addition, these half gel innersoles provide you with an extra layer of comfort that can help you last for a few extra hours than you usually would. It is a win-win, girl!    


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