The Dress Shoe You’ll Never Regret Purchasing

The Shoes You Need!

If you’re looking for dress shoes, one crucial feature to consider is the timelessness of the style. Waves of fashion wash in and wash out from year to year, but there are always exceptional sorts that cling on and endure. At Wildfire, we love bringing our customers the newest trends at the most affordable prices, but that doesn’t mean we don’t carry classic dress shoes as well! Take a trip with us today and dive into the loveliest formal wear available.

Versatility is the first box to be checked off the list before you even think about buying a style.

How many different ways do you envision yourself wearing these dress shoes? Is the set of stilettos or block heels (or whatever else you have your eye on) going to switch between all four seasons effectively? Could you easily make your dress shoes look new and fresh over and over again by changing which clothes you pair with them? Keep all of these questions in careful consideration.

Are these dress shoes going to keep you on your feet for more than a few hours?

Every function hall, restaurant, or fancy venue will have unique trials and tribulations involved. There may not be seating at the venue you visit, and you have to stand for the entire time. Perhaps dancing is expected, or you’ll spend most of your time mingling, walking, and talking outside in a courtyard. Your thin-heeled dress shoes could get swallowed up into lush lawns or carpets. Slippery tiles might present more danger to you than loose rocks and uneven paths ever will. Whatever the story, it pays to have dress shoes that are prepared and ready to play at the odds.

In this case, the thing to focus on for your dress shoes is the style of heel.

Flats will work beautifully for long-lasting events, but even our strappy lace-up sandals might not cut it as dress shoes for certain places.  

Block heels are the obvious choice for dress shoes that bring support and stability. Moving across different terrains is made effortless by the easy-to-balance platform. If you want to ensure the best comfort, always,, then these are the dress shoes for you. However, block heels and other thick styles can seem bulky under sleek outfits and lightweight fabrics.

Stilettos and kitten heels have the skinniest points of our dress shoes. These are elegant-feeling styles and amongst our most popular for weddings and formal occasions. If tall heels worry you or inspire dread, then a vintage sling-back or other low kitten heels could be the pinnacle pick. Otherwise, there will never be an indoor occasion that our graceful high heels won’t be welcome.

One of our favourite tricks for selecting enduring dress shoes is the two-in-one buy.

That is, you buy a set of dress shoes that will fulfil two specific footwear needs you have instead of getting multiple pairs. Take our patent pumps, for an example. These slip-on stilettos come in a few shades and look stunning with your best formal attire. However, they are also a quintessential set for office and general corporate wear. If you happen to need dress shoes and an update for your work wardrobe at the same time, then you could get pumps and use them for both! There’s no risk of these pairs sitting idly in a wardrobe somewhere (collecting dust) because you already plan to wear them more than once.

Remember; only you will know which dress shoes are the right ones!

If you have a special event on the horizon, then come browse our entire collection online. Wildfire has dress shoes to suit anyone!