The Essential Heels You Need in Your Footwear Rotation

This post is for the girl’s who love to wear a pair of formal shoes to every special event they have on their social calendar. Finding the perfect pair of womens shoe to have in your footwear rotation can be a challenging task but, we have got you sorted, babe! The team here at Wildfire have gathered a range of essential womens shoe you need in your casual shoes rotation all year long. 


Formal dress shoe are a must-have in every girl’s casual shoes rotation system, and if you do not have a pair ready and waiting for you to go full-glam, then you are about to! Take a read below and check out our top picks of formal heels shoes like black leather shoes, ankle boots, wedding shoes and many more. You will fall head over heels shoes in love, girl!


Style 1 – Block Heels


Ladies, it is time to say hello to a pair of block heels. This style of formal shoes is a must-have in your casual shoes rotation all year long. Block heels are the perfect formal dress shoe to wear with your casual looks and your dressier looks. These formal event shoes are what every girl needs in their life as soon as possible. These block heels come in plenty of designs and colours, so you will never get stuck for choice. 


Block heels can get found in bright colours or subtle, pastel shades, which gives you plenty of options of formal event shoes to pick. No matter what special event you may have coming up, this formal womens shoe will be there every step of the way. A pair of block heels will take you from morning until night with ease, thanks to their high level of comfort and breathability.


These formal event shoes offer a low base for your feet which means there will be a minimal strain. This tip is super helpful for the events where you have to stand on your feet for a long period. Block heels are the type of formal event shoes that need to be in your seasonal footwear rotation.


Whether there is rain, hail, or shine, you know that these pumps will be there to tie your look together.


Style 2 – Stilettos


Girls, it is time to feel fabulous and sexy in a pair of smart casual stilettos. These formal shoes are a timeless classic that needs to be in your footwear rotation like yesterday! But, unfortunately, smart casual stilettos are the type of formal dress shoe that only makes their way out of the cupboard for special events.


They allow you to look your very best and rock a unique style that may not always get seen at events. These smart casual stilettos are known to make their way in and out of the fashion scene. But these will always remain a go-to casual shoes style.


It can be super challenging to find the right formal event shoes for your upcoming events that look good with your chosen outfit. However, the best thing about investing in a pair of smart casual stilettos are that they come in a range of unique designs and styles.


These formal womens shoe are perfect to wear with a long dress, dress pants or a super cute mini dress. No matter what look you choose, your pair of formal designer brands stiletto shoes will have your back.


Style 3 – Wedge Heels


Girl, let us take a step back and evaluate this look. The ultimate pair of formal shoes are right at our fingertips, but we might feel hesitant to invest in a set. Well, this is your sign to take that chance and get your hands on some wedge heels!


Now you may be thinking that a pair of wedge heels shoes are very casual in style. But we know exactly how to dress up these pumps so they can look like your next best pair of a formal dress shoe. Wedge heels shoes are a gorgeous style of the heel to have in your warm-weather footwear rotation.


Taking Inspiration From The European Countries.


A set of wedge heels shoes are all you will see on a summer’s night out in Santorini, Greece (oh, how we miss the days of travelling). European women love to show off their wedge heels shoes, as well as their bronze legs, which is why these formal womens shoe are a necessity in your casual shoes collection.


So flaunt your best dress and show a little skin when you wear this formal womens shoe during the summer months. These pumps are gorgeous when you dress up in your full-glam look, babe!


Style 4 – Boots


Are you looking for a pair of formal shoes that will flaunt your best assets? Well, look no further because Wildfire has got you sorted. We are here to channel our inner Ariana Grande and flex our latest pair of boots.


These can fall into the category of formal dress shoe because you can freely choose to wear and style them. Our current favourite style of boots are knee-high pumps. These formal dress shoe are perfect for both a casual setting and an elegant event.


These boots can take your look to the next level with ease, just by pairing them with an oversized t-shirt dress and a corset. This look is to die for! If you are looking to spice up your fitness, then try to invest in a pair of thigh-high boots.


These formal shoes can turn your look up a notch because the thigh-high boots add a level of sexy and feminine. You will feel like a boss-babe in these pumps. Thigh-high boots look best when styled with a super cute bodycon mini dress. This look will let you show off your latest formal womens shoe whilst the dress blends into the background. When they pair together, you know for sure that these formal event shoes cannot get beaten!


Style 5 – Strappy Heels


Strappy heels are a must-have this season. This style of formal shoes is perfect for when you need a pair of statement kicks. Also, strappy heels shoes are easy footwear to wear on a night out with friends.


The self-tie strap feature is a must-have for the girls who love to wear formal event shoes but are most likely to ruin them or hurt themselves whilst wearing a pair. The best thing about strappy heels is that the self-tie straps ensure your feet lock into your casual shoes.


This means you will not trip over yourself as much as you would if wearing a different pair of casual shoes. We love rocking a pair of strappy heels shoes at special events or a cocktail night with the girls. You will look and feel fabulous in these formal womens shoe, sis!


Style 6 – Clear Heels


Hello, clear heels! These baddies are about to become your new best friend. You will find so many excuses to wear these formal dress shoe out to your next event. They are perfect to wear to any event and allow you to show off your outfit.


These clear heels give you the best excuse to flaunt your latest fit without any colour clashes of your shoes. These formal event shoes are gorgeous to wear with your hottest fit because the transparent material blends right in. It is an effortless style of casual shoes for every girl to flaunt!   


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