The essentials of shoe colour

Shoe Colour Essentials

It's time for a little fashion advice. We have told you an awful lot about all the styles of shoes we have, but how about some advice on how to wear them? At Wildfire, we have all the latest tips and tricks about how to colour coordinate your shoes and outfit.

Creating the perfect ensemble means thinking about colours, materials, textures, and more! In essence, it is a balancing act. Too much of one colour can make you look like a big blob of nothing. And, if the diamantes on your outfit are incredibly different from the ones on your shoes, they are bound to clash. So, without further ado, let's get to it!


Black is the colour that goes with (almost) everything. Chances are the majority of your heels are or have black. They are the most straightforward colour to pair off with metallics, prints, and similar decorations. They are also the easiest to match with bags and clutches.

There is one downside to black, however: it can be an intense colour.

Black boots, for example, are a style and colour combination that can easily dominate the rest of your outfit. Over-the-knees and thigh-highs are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to overruling an outfit. If you want all the attention on your gorgeous new shoes, that is fine. Otherwise, you need clothes that can meet the same mark. Go for a standout print or a bold block-colour.


Shoes in tans, browns, and other natural tones will always appeal to people who love neutral colours. Grey, white, and pastel will forever look great paired off with a beautiful natural shoe. Once again, these are easy to pair off with a clutch or purse in a matching colour. Visually, a pair of natural heels will also tend to make legs and ankle look longer, as the colour blurs the line between shoes and skin.


This season, red has been adored by most. Even as the weather changed and the winter line rolled out, strappy heels and slingbacks still dominated the shelves in bold and vibrant red. Red is a vivid, standout colour, so the rest of your look can either join the party or get out of the way.

How should you wear red shoes? You can wear them with more red if you're feeling up to it! Just make sure the colour is a near-identical red, or things might start looking a little awkward and mismatched. Monochrome has never gone wrong yet— match your red shoes with some white, black or grey. Navy and other shades of blue can also look cute with red shoes.


Pink is a reasonably forgiving colour when it comes to matching outfits. Neutral colours will suit it best, and we cannot overstate a combination of grey and pink as being an essential pairing. Otherwise, some faded or light blue jeans will work a treat with these.


These are well and truly in this season. Silver, gold, and rose gold are cropping up in more and more casual wear than ever before, where they used to get shoehorned into formal wear. White and black (most people are biased towards one or the other) outfits can be taken to the next level when you toss a little rose gold into the mix. If you want some more colour thrown in there, keep in mind that rose gold looks gorgeous and soft next to smoky blues or pastel pinks.

Final notes

When you are shopping for shoes to go with an outfit, you need to find styles and colours that complement each other instead of competing. Browse the range with Wildfire, and we can help you find the perfect pair for you!