The Flats You Need In Your Life This Winter

Wildfire has the basic black flat you need in your life this winter! There’s something for everyone in our gorgeous collection of styles. If you don’t believe us, then keep reading, and we’re sure you’ll be convinced by the end of this handy article! We think four types of flat shoe are perfect for the winter months, and we’ll talk you through them right now!


You Need Easy Steps Flats In A Fun Texture!


Are you trying to keep on top of the year’s hottest womens flats trends? Wildfire is here to make picking the most stylish and current leather flats simpler and easier than ever before! That’s why we’re going to walk you through our favourite finishes and textures for 2021.


After all, we update our womens flats with the season’s trendiest features, and you might miss out on an update if you don’t comb through our new arrivals section often enough! Shoes with an animal print like crocodiles and lizard texturing are the must-haves this season.


At Wildfire, these scaly casual flats come in shiny leather-look material. Since we have them in shades like black, white, beige, and pink, you’ll be able to pair them up with outfits as quickly as your typical essential square toe slides and sandals. 


 Of course, the fun and trendy texture on your wide fit shoes will give your entire ensemble a more modern and stylish vibe! Are you looking for something else? Linen black multi flats are another excellent option! Our cute crossover slides and peep-toe sandals come in lovely linen material.


We love the relaxed vibe of these casual shoes, and we know you will too!


Find Platform Dress Shoes For Your Next Outing!


While our heels are always show-stoppers, we understand that they aren’t always ideal during winter. After a rainstorm, wet walkways and paths can spell disaster for stilettos and block heels alike if you don’t watch your step!


Luckily, Wildfire has a fantastic alternative this season— platform womens flat shoe. At a glance, you might mistake these trendy shoes for wedges. However, these flats have a thick boosted base, not a chunky heel with an incline.


As such, you’ll get to stand a few centimetres taller without adding any extra strain on your foot and leg ligaments. So, what else is there to love about our platforms, like footbed sandals?


These shoes come with smart features like braided rope detailing around the base, stripes, raffia textured straps, mule straps, and smooth leather-look material. You have your choice of colour and material with flat sandals in this style, and we’re sure one of them will take your fancy!


Now, what sort of places can you wear your new nine west flatforms? We think they’re easy flats to style with your favourite jeans and sweaters on a day-to-day basis, but you can sub them in with any outfit you would wear heeled boots with too!


Your go-to playsuit, print dress, and co-ord outfit will be a pretty match with platform leather sandals. Plus, you’ll be able to dance the night away without getting sore feet! Doesn’t that sound great?


Ankle Boots Are Always Excellent Winter Flats!


Some other flat lace up boots we want to highlight in this article is our biker boots! Also known as army-style or combat boots, these ankle-high shoes are sure to add some attitude to your next outfit.


If a leather jacket is your go-to top layer when you go out to parties, music festivals, and events, then it’s time you added combat boots to your shopping list. Since they are only ankle-high, you can wear these leather boots with pants, skirts, and outfits of any length.


Unlike tall boots, which can fit awkwardly over jeans or look strange paired with ankle-length bottoms, these online exclusive flats integrate seamlessly with the rest of your outfit. You won’t have to put them away once winter is over either!


Flats like our biker boots are trans-seasonal. They’re also an excellent choice to wear at outdoor venues because they protect your feet so well. In winter, that means protection from cold weather, puddles, and muddy pathways.


During the warmer months, your feet will get shielded from the sun, spiky foliage, and other foot hazards. As such, you can continue to use your new combat boots throughout the year. While you’re looking at our low heeled, be sure that you sneak a peek at our heeled boots as well!


Wildfire has ankle-high, calf-high, and over-the-knee boots with cute and cosy block heels for you this season, and they’re perfect for casual or formal styling.


Don’t Forget To Update Your Basic Low Heeled Work Shoes!


A reliable pair of work shoes is essential in any woman’s wardrobe, whether it’s winter or not! If you work in an office or a similar setting, flat or low toe heels should be part of your weekly rotation of shoes.


After all, they’ll guarantee that you have the right amount of support and comfort for your feet during the day.


Ladies with a long transit to and from work on public transport, daily meetings where they need to stay standing, or a lot of walking will appreciate the long-lasting ease of wear offer by leather loafers. Having these on from dawn to dusk will never present a challenge.


Now, which of our shoes are the ideal pick for work during the colder months? We’ve got something in mind already.


Our ballet flats should be the perfect pair for your job! These pointy-toed shoes come in two main styles: faux suede ones with sling-back ankle straps and slip-on designs with woven leather-look material.


Having flat casual shoes with covered toes could help you tick more than one box too! Firstly, they’ll provide extra protection, foot care, and warmth for your toes, which means your feet won’t freeze on chilly days. Secondly, our ballet flats can also satisfy your office’s strict dress code regulations.


If you aren’t allowed to wear shoes that expose your toes, our enclosed styles are your ideal pick! But, of course, if it’s alright to show your toes, then slides with dual top straps and o-ring decor should hit the top of our shopping list!


Have We Won You Over Yet?


The best flats of 2021 are waiting on the shelves at Wildfire shopping online. So scroll through our collection today, add a great pair to your shopping cart, and get your winter wardrobe off to the perfect start!