THE Formal Shoe of the Season

Everyone needs at least one pair of formal shoes in their closet for events that require them to look professional and presentable, such as a job interview, a work function, or a special occasion. 


These events expect you to follow a dress code, even if they do not explicitly say so. Which formal footwear do you want to add to your shoe collection?


Allow our team at Wildfire to describe the features you need before we reveal THE formal shoes you must get at our shop.


While several styles can work for all your needs, there's only one that everyone loves. Stay caught up! If you're ready to discover which style it is, read on!


Comfortable height 


The age-old issue concerning formal shoes is height. Traditional views recommend that you choose footwear with heels. But over time, fashion evolved and proved that you could wear stylish flats appropriate for the occasion. 


If you're wondering which argument prevails, we'll give you the response you like. The majority of Wildfire flats meet business dress code criteria.


Check out Wildfire's low heels collection if you're searching for a slight elevation that doesn't keep you too far from the ground. 


At 2.5-5.5cm, these shoes are appropriate for special occasions requiring you to wear heels. Kitten heels are the most famous of them, with their narrow, tapered heels.


If the event invite explicitly says you must come in high heels, the most comfy shoes have thick, broad heels.


Also known as block heels, this style distributes your weight evenly, relieving pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back, protecting you from injuries even if you wear them for hours.


The right fit 


Choosing formal shoes that fit you right will ensure you remain relaxed at a work function or special occasion. How can you perform at your best when you're in pain?


Several factors come to mind when looking for shoes with the right fit. The first would be to get your correct measurements. It would help if you went shopping in the afternoon when your feet are at their maximum size. 


Your footwear must account for the growth in your size caused by the swelling of your feet. 


The trained staff can help measure you for size if you're shopping in-store. However, if you're shopping for footwear online, you must do it yourself. You must know your specific brand size because shoe brands vary. 


Wildfire has a handy size guide helps you convert your size from any US, UK, and EU system.


Second is enough toe room. If you can choose shoes with round-toe designs, they're the best for your feet. Pointy ones will rub your feet and distract you. You want to avoid styles that can irritate and hurt you.  


Decide on the colour


Formal footwear is almost always black because they are always a safe bet. You can wear them anywhere without the risk of going there inappropriately dressed. 


Aside from versatility, you can match this footwear with almost anything in the wardrobe. Classic black footwear never goes out of fashion. If you can take care of your footwear well, you can still use it years after if they come back in style.


Most conservative workplaces often have strict dress code requirements explicitly stating employees wear black shoes. Because they are minimalist but exude power, a different level of confidence comes out from a boss lady wearing black.


However, not all special occasions will require you to wear formal black shoes. If the invite doesn't tell you explicitly, you have a variety of colours to check your wardrobe. 


If most clothes are neutrals, you should get them in vibrant colours to change them up. Printed footwear is also something to wear with plain neutral dresses or pantsuits. 


Which is THE style of the season? 


If you've browsed magazines and fashion events recently, you'll notice a pair of formal shoes that keeps popping up: the chunky loafers. These minimalist and preppy flats have changed the way ladies attend special occasions. 


Although they belong to flat shoes, the thick chunky soles provide a cozy elevation that ladies need to be more confident. Most of the styles are in black, which fulfils strict uniform requirements. 


Everyone is obsessed with these because they make the wearer feel sophisticated and practical at the same time.


You will look amazing when you wear them and can accomplish all your tasks and meetings pain and hassle-free. The collection of Wildfire loafers takes this concept a step further, commanding attention and bringing out the best version of you.


Consider adding Jaguar to your wardrobe, as these loafer shoes are as sleek as the animal with the same name. 


We also offer the best foot shoes from other famous brands like Hush Puppies, ensuring you get the same quality and style at a lower price point." from dress shoes to men's shoes.


This footwear can go from day to evening well with its thick-heeled sole, shiny finish, and silver chain detailing across the top. You'll be a winner whether you style them with or without socks.


And the best about wearing foot-forward loafer shoes is your comfort. You get the best of both worlds: cosy and stylish!  


How to make your formal shoes last longer? 


The first few steps are finding the formal shoes of the season and adding them to your shoe collection. The next ones require you to take care of them so that they can serve you better. Here are some steps you can follow:


  • Use a water and stain protection spray upon unboxing your footwear. It creates an invisible layer that prevents dirt and liquid from seeping through the material, giving you enough time to wipe them off.

  • Ensure your footwear is always dry because moisture can destroy its material and may lead to bacterial and fungal build-up.

  • When unforeseen circumstances make them wet, dry your footwear naturally, away from direct heat sources. Use scrunched-up newspapers if you want to hasten the drying process of your shoes.

  • Storage is essential to protect your footwear from dust and other elements affecting their wear and tear. 


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