The Formal Shoes You'll Love this Season!

The formal shoes at Wildfire are so versatile that you can keep wearing them repeatedly, even on casual occasions. If you ask us which style you can wear repeatedly, we will need help to pick one. However, we understand how wise shoppers are now looking to find more uses for their footwear to get their money's worth.


Find men's formal shoes that will lend some refinement when you've got an event on the cards, whether it's the wedding of the year or that great work. Shoes Whether you want to update your weekend line-up or sharpen up your looks, you won't put a foot out of line with our collection of men's shoes.

Our collection of men's formal shoes online is impeccably designed with a rebel edge.


From rich brown brogues and soft suede loafers to polished leather boots, shop with style and ease from our men's business shoes online. Men's Shoes Kick off the new season with the ultimate kicks.

From sneakers and loafers to brogues and derby shoes, we've got your best foot forward on every occasion.


Dress Shoes Put your best foot forward with men's dress shoes and dress boots from Wildfire to suit any occasion. So, ditch your old pair of hush puppies, and invest in your men's shoes that are most popular Favourites Most Popular New In Price - Low to High Price at edit shop. So, what are you waiting for?


Look for your favourite brands' shops nationwide. Each shoe style is fit-tested in Australia, and we do everything we can to make a fit as close as possible to the correct AU standard sizing measurements. So use these sizes and measurements as a guide only.


Describing each would make it easier to determine the footwear you love best, especially this season.


How to Choose Formal Shoes for You?


There is undoubtedly a wide range of formal shoes at Wildfire. But how do you choose from several? What points should you consider?


Before we share the different styles, here are some trade tricks when choosing a pair of footwear.


1. Choose your outfit first.


Finding the right style of formal shoes depends on the outfit you plan to wear. We typically purchase the attire for an occasion before hunting for a pair of formal shoes to match it. A cocktail dress or elaborate gown?


Both must follow the dress code on the event invitation.


2. Determine your accurate measurement


Knowing your accurate shoe size is essential in footwear shopping. Any footwear that is too big or too small can give you blisters or get you into trouble. While most still associate high heels with special events, flats are more acceptable and comfortable too!


Formal shoes cover a range of styles, from high heels to flats. But comfort relies heavily on getting the correct size. For example, did you know that the afternoon or evening are the best times to shop for formal shoes?


This is because all the daily activities cause your feet to swell. And by the late afternoon and nighttime, they are at their biggest. So it's best to measure and shop then.


Get acquainted with your Wildfire size via our handy size guide.


3. The dilemma between wearing high heels or flats


When it comes to footwear, comfort should always come first. So, while some occasions prefer heels, others are more relaxed. Relaxed occasions welcome flatform shoes and low heels.


Other stricter ones, on the other hand, state their requirements outright. On the other hand, the heel height and type will be up to you and what you can endure for three or more hours. What use is having beautiful shoes if you can't walk correctly or lack confidence?


While we recommend trying new formal shoe styles, remember to stay in your comfort zone. Nothing too spectacular or grandiose if you know you cannot pull it off. You can make up for the lack of heel height by accessorizing.


Get one of our clutches that matches your footwear to elevate your look.


4. Explore different colours


The most prevalent and secure colour choices for formal shoes are black, natural, tan, and silver. Wildfire has it all and more. Black is the most versatile colour among formal shoes. It's the best choice if you must choose only one because it matches everything.


However, colour-blocking is hot right now. Wear complementary colours.

With Wildfire's more than five colours, you have various options.

If you're daring enough, make your footwear the accent and the pop of colour in your overall look.


For example, check out Wildfire's pair of hot pink diamante-studded formal shoes that can add character and turn heads!


Which Footwear Should You Choose?


Style 1 - Block Heels


The most reliable and comfortable formal shoes are those with block heels. Their platform gives you the best stability on unsteady ground and helps distribute your body weight evenly across your legs.

Is your event outdoors? Check.


These formal shoes are your safest bet since they won't get stuck in soil, sand, or pavement cracks. You can also opt for low-block heels. Low-heeled footwear provides support and cushion for the foot while reducing the amount of stress on your body.


Check out Wildfire's styles since we have everything from strappy to mules with block heels. You can stand, dance, and walk for hours because these formal shoes won't fail you!


Style 2 - Heeled Boots


Heeled boots are the best formal shoes for winter occasions. The style is fashionable and cozy and will protect your feet (and legs) when the weather is inclement, rainy, or chilly. Also, Wildfire's heeled ankle boots cover more skin than standard pumps or block heels with straps.


As a versatile pair, these formal shoes are ideal for casual occasions too. Styling options include short dresses, skirts, and playsuits! Also, consider acquiring Wildfire's knee-high or thigh-high boots when you need more warmth because this footwear covers more skin up to your thighs.


Although they may not be your typical formal shoes, current fashion trends suggest otherwise. Besides, who would notice if long dresses were covering them? Also, pain is a non-issue since platform boots at Wildfire have block heels.


Remember that boots aren't just a practical option—they also come in a gorgeous variety! Also, wearing them as formal shoes will make your legs look long and thin.


Style 3 - Flat Formal Shoes


Restricting formal shoes to heeled footwear is quite outdated. Today, comfort is an essential factor in deciding what to wear. So what comes to mind when searching for comfortable footwear?


Wildfire's flat formal shoes After your special event, you can use our embellished flats frequently, as this will improve your health. If you choose these formal shoes, your feet and leg muscles won't have to work as hard. Wear them during beach and garden weddings, especially when it's warm and sunny.


Focus on finding formal shoes that keep your balance and let air in so that moisture can escape while you wear them. Whether walking on grass or sand, this footwear won't make you tumble forward.


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