The Guide to Wearing Heels in Winter

The standard routine that every girl goes through when getting dolled-up always includes the dreaded decision – heels or no heels?


It’s a tough choice to make, especially in the cooler seasons of the year. Wearing toe heels in winter is something every girl would prefer not to do, but we have gathered some tips and tricks to make it work for you. Our selection of tips on how to wear winter heels will have you falling in love at first sight!


Our mini guide on wearing winter heels will inspire you to flaunt your next pair of animal print pumps confidently and efficiently. You won’t have to change your outfit or wear plain and simple leather boots anymore after reading our guide on wearing winter womens shoe. But, if you’re curious to know more, stick around and have a scroll down below. We’ve got your back, girl!


Tip 1 – Wear Shoes With Low Height!


The ultimate shoes to wear in winter are block heels. These shoes are perfect for cold weather and long nights with friends because they are long-lasting. This style of shoe heel for winter will have you living your best life on the dance floor without the thought of cold and painful feet.


The majority of block heels in this style are open and breathable, which may be daunting to some. But do not fear, these block heels offer a low base, so it will feel like you’re walking in sneakers all night long (well, at least we can pretend!).


If you’re not too fussed about the height of the shoes, then low heel ankle boots will be the wardrobe addition you need as soon as possible. In addition, these low heeled ankle boots will be your go-to during the chilly months as they make walking around a much easier process.


The low base offers plenty of stability and support, perfect for when you are out and about in wet weather. These block heels are also fabulous as they have a thick sole to walk in. These are perfect for getting around in wet weather as they can help you avoid slipping over and injuring yourself.


Thick-based bottoms are a must-have when it comes to winter heels, and girls, they look good with every outfit. We are obsessed!


Tip 2 – Boots Galore!


If you are the type of person who hates wearing heels pumps in winter, then you will love this newfound loophole. Boots are the perfect winter heels to wear during the cooler months, as it gives you plenty of coverage against the cold weather, as well as giving you the extra bit of height.  


Boots are super versatile as well, with plenty of different styles, shapes and colours to keep you on your toes. Ankle boots are a must-have style of winter heels as they can take you from casual to evening looks without having to change a thing.


Ankle boots are perfect for a day in the office or running around to appointments (lashes are a must!). They are super cute for those early morning brunch dates too! Knee-high boots are the perfect type of winter heels to have when you want to feel super cute on a night out with the girls.


These boots are all types of fabulous and, we love them to bits! But, if you feel like taking your look to the next level, try out our thigh-high boots. These winter heels channel all things Ariana Grande and, we are all here for it.


The thigh-high boots are the ultimate winter heels to have in your shoe collection, taking inspiration from the vocal queen herself.


Tip 3 – Pick The Right Path!


When wearing heeled boots, it is necessary to look out for the path type you are wearing. During the cooler months, there is a lot of rain, wind and even hail that you may come across. If you are out for cocktails with the girls or on a cute date night with your boyfriend, it is necessary to watch your path.


If it’s bucketing down with rain, try to avoid walking directly under the rainfall and instead, find a footpath with a cover, so you don’t slip on anything. Stiletto heels are all types of risky when it’s raining but, there are ways to avoid it.


If there is more wind and you feel unstable when walking, it is best to avoid those areas as much as possible. Stay undercover so that you can limit any frozen toes or slipovers with your peep toes, and if it’s possible, try driving to your next destination.


It is also a great idea to park close to your destination if it’s feasible, so then you won’t be able to injure yourself or ruin your stunning winter womens pumps!


Tip 4 – Say Yes To Wedges!


Wedge winter heels are a game-changer when it comes to wearing these shoes during the cooler months. These wedge sandals and pumps offer the best level of support without ruining the level of height you are looking for.


In addition, they are super cute, so you won’t have to worry about them looking bad with your outfit choices. Wedge winter leather sandals are gorgeous with a mini dress and cropped jacket. Of course, this look allows your winter heels to be the star of the show, so trust us, babe, all eyes will be on you.


Tip 5 – Accessories Are A Must!


When you are trying to find the perfect pair of fashion brands of heels but are worried they will be too uncomfortable, it means it is time to invest in some accessories.


Wearing flat boots as winter shoes can be the best thing you ever did, so you can still look cute without having to fear losing a black leather pump in the middle of a thunderstorm. Our best tip is to invest in some half gel cushions. These stick to the base of your winter heels on the inside of the shoe.


Gel cushions provide an added layer of protection and comfort to your foot. This is perfect for long nights full of standing and dancing where you know your feet will be sore no matter what you wear. Whether wedding shoes, flat sandals or spring summer heels.


The extra padding will create a layer between the kitten heels and your foot which can help to avoid friction or irritation to your skin. Amazing, right!? For the lace up boots with a stiletto base, you will find added comfort and stability when walking by using heel stoppers.


This product is the go-to accessory when it comes to wearing knee high boots. You will avoid slipping over and getting stuck in mud or soft grass just by adding these little accessories to your shoes. It’s a true blessing in disguise.      


Do You Have Your Heart Set On Some Gorgeous Winter Heels?


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