The Heel Trends We Love for 2023

It’s time for a change. You’ve been wearing the same pair of heels for ages and feel like you’ve been living the same day repeatedly. You want something new. How do you deal with it?


Please search for the new trends in heels for 2023 and score one (or three) from them. Unfortunately, it takes time to keep up.


But you don’t have to worry because our team from Wildfire is here to update you with the trendy heels we love for 2023. All you have to do is read on to learn more. Then, if you’re ready to start, let’s dive right into it!


Style 1—Bow Ties


Your feet are like presents that you wrap up in bows. Heels with bows are a trend now. The ribbons can be anywhere on the shoes: front, middle, or back. 


Heels with bows serve as the focal point and accent piece of the entire look. Keep your clothes in a neutral colour so that the attention will be on your shoes. 


Wildfire has a couple of showstopping heels with bows that deserve a spot in your wardrobe collection. The first one is a pointed, closed-toe stiletto with ankle straps. The diamante bow that sits on top of the front of your feet commands attention. 


Wear these shoes with a black dress at formal events, and expect to shine that night. Then, dance the night away securely as the ankle straps attach these heels to your feet.


The next Wildfire design you must check out is an open-toe, closed-back shoe with a massive ribbon at the back. Again, subtle elegance is the top trait of these heels and will make people take a second (or even third) glance. 


Since the first two samples are stilettos, we’d like to broaden your options and add a pair of thick-heeled shoes. These heels have a silky material, which adds glamour to your vibe. 


However, the signature oversized bow on top of your feet takes the spotlight away. Choose the one in green, and expect others to turn green with envy.


Style 2—Platforms Heels


To reach greater heights in 2023, add a pair of platform heels to your wardrobe rotation. 


Whether you’re short, need more centimetres, or are already tall but want to feel on top of the world, these staggering shoes can give you the added height without strain. 


This style usually has block heels at the back and platforms in front, which level your feet comfortably. Platform shoes are statement shoes that bring back many retro memories from the 1970s.


Wildfire’s platform heels come in various designs. You can choose from a collection of open or closed toes. Let’s look at some of the platform shoes available.


A limited edition pair of closed-toe platform heels will take you back as they’re reminiscent of 70s dancing shoes. 


With a staggering height of 13cm, these shoes have broad heels at the back that distribute your weight evenly and a thick platform in front that offers stability. Wear these shoes to a night of disco dancing and have the best night of your life.


Another platform heel you need to see is a white pair of open-toed strappy sandals. Three straps go over the front of your feet, while a buckled ankle strap goes around your ankles for a secured and sexy fit. 


Pair these platform sandals with printed dresses for a fun spring party look!


Style 3—Boots


Boots with heels are a thing now, and you should stay caught up. This trend is timely, with the winter season inching in. 


These heels provide the coverage and warmth necessary for a cold day. But their protection isn’t what made them a part of the trendy heels for 2023; it’s their gorgeous style!


Boots look amazing with everything—shorts, jeans, tights, leggings, dresses, and skirts. You can even wear heeled boots during formal events in the winter. 


The awesome things about Wildfire’s collection of boots are the variety and ease of use. - no matter the style, most boot styles have a zip fastening that allows you to wear the shoes within seconds. 


More importantly, most use block heels, ensuring comfort and stability while navigating extreme natural elements. 


Add some colour to your winter outfit with a pair of tan sock boots. These mid-high block heels have soft microsuede material, which looks terrific when paired with jeans. Wear them over skinny jeans and a cream turtleneck sweater. 


Try to look at these stretchy ankle socks from your sides, and you’ll see a flattering silhouette. Look good from any angle with these heels on your feet.


Style 4—Kitten Heels


Kitten heels have been at the centre of debates over the years because people have mixed feelings about this style. They fall under the low shoes category, adding only a few centimetres to the wearer’s height. 


The shape of these low heels is like a tapered stiletto. Get this 2023 trend if you wish to try something different – cute short heels that add character to your vibe.


Wildfire’s toe-thong sandals with kitten heels are ideal for Sunday brunches and talkfests with the girls. In addition, these shoes look excellent with summer dresses, shorts, and skirts. 


The crocodile texture adds an attractive appeal to the overall vibe of these heels. If you’re a summer or spring kind of girl, you need to add these toe-thong sandals to your shoe collection now!


Jump In On the 2023 Trend!


Stay caught up as fellow ladies join in on the trends of 2023. These heels add character and life to your otherwise dull daily routine. Change it up now! 


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