The Heels We're Wearing This Season!

Have you been keeping tabs on the shoes you wear? Do you notice any pattern? Do they adapt to the season, like wearing sandals for warmer months and boots for colder ones? How about heels? Do you have a seasonal favourite, or are there trans-seasonal options you wear all year?


Several beautiful heels are trending, and you should hop in on them. Join the trend because they are in demand for a reason. Not only are these styles gorgeous, but they are also perfect for the colder weather, ensuring you can navigate autumn and winter fashionably and safely.


The key to wearing heels during these months is to do so safely, which means options that can handle whatever the day's forecast has in store. You aim to pick the style that keeps you safe while you're out and about. Footwear should be supportive and not hinder you from achieving what you set out to do.


The first step to finding season-appropriate heels is to identify a brand that has a broad range. From there, we will dive deeper into the styles we wear this season. So, which reliable brand should you trust your safety with? 


Only one brand is synonymous with fashionable and functional footwear—Wildfire Shoes! Discover the various Wildfire heels we're wearing this season.

Style 1—Kitten


Kitten heels are an excellent choice for the season for several reasons. Since they're short and sweet, you'll have more control over your shoe and a lower risk of tripping. While most options have thin and narrow bases, the placement is under the heel bone, which makes them cosy. Heels placed at the shoe's far back are uncomfortable because they thrust the body's weight forward, causing pressure on the balls of the feet. Whether you're crossing icy streets or not, you can safely do so with this style option. 


Wildfire's Tulsi is a chic slingback style perfect for special events this season. It features low kitten heels, a trendy point-toe shape, and stylish scrunch detailing on the upper. The elasticised strap around the back makes it super easy to slip them on and off. Whether you're looking for covered shoes for work or a night out with friends, Tulsi is something you shouldn't live without!


Style 2—Knee High Boots


Autumn and winter are all about staying chic while keeping warm, and knee-high heeled boots are the perfect solution. Not only do they add height via heels, but they also offer an extra layer of warmth for a good part of your leg. This design enables you to play around with different fashion statements. On slightly warmer days, you can wear them with a mini skirt for a fun and flirty look. Alternatively, you can streamline a maxi skirt or dress with these chic boots. And when temperatures drop, wear these heels with roomy trousers to save yourself from getting frozen. Create space for these boots, and take advantage of their style, warmth, and versatility. 


Wildfire's Vanish will make heads turn this season. These knee-high boots have tall block heels that distribute weight and ensure stability through wet, icy streets. These fashionable boots feature a stunning faux suede material with a side zipper for easy wearability. Whether dressing up for a formal occasion or keeping it casual, these boots will take your style to the next level this season.


Style 3—Platform/Chunky Loafers


Loafers with chunky heels are a game-changer because of their versatility. Elevate your daily wear, literally and figuratively, with various outfit combinations. Try these chunky heels with knee-high socks and a skirt for a laidback weekend soiree, or go minimalist with denim jeans and a T-shirt combo. The best part about these platform loafers is the added height without sacrificing balance on a slippery sidewalk. 


Ironically, Wildfire's Scorpio chunky platform loafers are in the brand's flats collection. But because they function like heels, we've added this style option to our heeled shoes this season. These loafers are the ultimate retro classic vintage style, complete with thick platform soles, sturdy block heels, and a chunky gold chain detail across the top. We bet these stylish shoes will make their way to your wardrobe rotation even after this season ends.

Additional Tips and Tricks to Wearing Heels in the Cold


Some may think twice about wearing heels this season because of safety and warmth. But after our very informative rundown of various things, we feel several minds are about to change. Let's seal the deal by sharing more tips and tricks for wearing heeled shoes in the cold months. 


  • Layer up with warm socks or tights, which add extra insulation to keep you cosy. Choose options that complement your outfit and shoes.

  • Traction aids such as heel caps or grips can save you during icy conditions. These accessories attach to the sole of your heels and boost traction on slippery surfaces.

  • Take smaller steps and avoid rushing. Place your foot down heel-to-toe and focus on your balance. Engage your core muscles to increase your stability. Wearing heels is comparable to working out and riding a bike, where balance and core matter.

  • Despite wearing safe and season-appropriate Wildfire heels, you must remain mindful of where you're walking. Stick to well-maintained sidewalks and pathways to minimise the chances of encountering icy patches.

Maintenance of your heels during this season is also essential because they can take a beating from the harsh weather. With these tips, keep your favourite shoes flawless, fashionable, and functional all season long.


  • Give your heels a good wipe after each use. Exposing them to the elements and letting them seep through the materials harms the shoes. 

  • Always dry your wet heels naturally. Do not expose them to heat sources like the sun or radiator heaters, which can crack the materials. 

  • Proper storage will ensure your heels last longer because you are keeping them from floating dust. Use shoe closets, racks, or bags.

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