THE High Heels of the Season!

The start of every new season has everyone excited about the possibilities in fashion. What are the latest looks, styles, and accessories?


But more importantly, every woman is curious about THE high heels of the season, especially since they are in constant search of a particular pair they could wear everywhere. 


While several kinds of high heels can excite your heart, we present you with excellent choices.


These shoes top the list for being trendy, comfortable, versatile, and affordable. You can achieve the height you long for without sacrificing comfort. There used to be a stigma around high heels and how challenging it was to wear them.


The good news is Wildfire high heels are here to break that misconception. Please choose one or all because they deserve a spot in your shoe closet. With the help of the Wildfire team, we can discover more about them. Let's start!


Style 1—Mary Jane


The classic Mary Jane shoe has been around for years. Young girls wear them to school, while teenagers wear them to parties. But have you heard about the Mary Jane high heels?


These shoes are an evolved version of the identifiable Mary Jane style, with closed toes, an open top, and a strap across the top to keep them in place.


This version still carries the renowned style's chicness, versatility, and class but with a taller height. Wildfire's Ariana comes in black or pink.


Black is an excellent colour when you want a pair of high heels that can match all the colours and shades in your wardrobe. On the other hand, getting pink shoes gives you an accent piece, and they go well with neutral colours.


Wildfire's Ariana is a pair of gorgeous statement high heels that stand 13cm tall. Despite their staggering height, these shoes remain comfortable because of their platform style. The large and thick heel at the back and the platform sole in front level your feet and offer stability when walking.


If you plan to dance all night at a party, wear these towering shoes for a comfortable and stylish experience. They will distribute your weight evenly, relieving pressure from your feet, legs, and lower back.


Style 2—Cut-Out 


Are you searching for a way to add some edginess to your usual vibe?


If yes, you need a pair of cut-out high heels immediately! These shoes are unlike any other because they purposely cut out elements or openings on various parts of the footwear. 


These cut-outs take on multiple shapes and patterns, adding personality to a classic outfit.


These high heels won't be your first choice when the temperature dips, but everyone is green with envy once you take them out for a spin on warmer days. 


Not only do these high heels enhance visual appeal, but they also boost breathability. Air can circulate via the cut-outs and keep your feet fresh all day. 


Wildfire's Quinn is available in black or natural. Choosing to wear natural-coloured high heels is advantageous, as they elongate your legs and make them look slimmer. 


Quinn is an online-exclusive style, standing at 9cm. There is no reason to worry about these high heels as they are thick and broad, which spreads the load. 


These high heels' cut-outs and lace-up style combine like no other. The self-tie design allows for adjustability, comfort, and style, while the vegan-friendly material ensures durability. Adding these shoes to your collection is a must!


Style 3—Clear


We've already mentioned how natural-coloured high heels make your legs look longer, but wait until you've tried on a pair of clear or transparent ones. 


This footwear is the best addition to your shoe closet. Several styles exist, from sandals to closed shoes. 


However, seeing that these heels are transparent, please remember that you still need to set up that pedicure appointment even if you opted for the closed-toe version since your toes are still visible. 


Wildfire has three kinds of clear high heels for a special occasion: Regina, Gretchen, and Desire. Each of them has its appeal. Regina and Gretchen are Wildfire's open-toed sandals with high, thick heels. 


However, Regina has an ankle strap and stands at 9.5cm. Meanwhile, Gretchen is wearing a pair of mules, standing at 8cm, with two transparent top straps holding them in place.


On the one hand, Desire is a closed pointy-toe stiletto high heel, standing at 10cm. The standout footwear features a diamante bow design on top and buckled ankle straps that will make you distinctive—perfect with a formal attire that sparkles among the crowd. 


However, stilettos are unlike their thicker counterparts because they alter your centre of gravity, forcing all the pressure onto one area—the balls of your feet. 


As such, wearing this kind of shoe can be uncomfortable and painful, especially if it's not your first time.


How to Avoid Pain While in High Heels


While wearing high, thick heels saves you from discomfort, some styles, like stilettos, can be painful. You can save yourself by avoiding the painful ones, but if you can't do it, our team will share some helpful tips to avoid getting hurt.


  • Add inserts and cushions. Save the balls of your feet from too much pressure by using these to absorb shock in your high heels. Wildfire has gel cushions that do the trick.

  • Break in the high heels. Stretching the shoes can help make them more comfortable, especially if they mould to your feet's shape. Wear thick socks while walking around the house in your heels. Hasten the process by using a hairdryer. It will expand and mould your footwear around your feet within a few minutes. 

  • Practise. Wearing women's heels around the house and on different floors helps you get the hang of it. It also enables you to develop muscle memory, making wearing high-heeled easier.


Indulge Yourself with Wildfire!


Add THE high heels of the season to your wardrobe to elevate your usual vibe. You can shop online for your new favourite pair of women's high heels with Wildfire. 


Whether you like pumps or stilettos/stiletto heels, court heels, heeled boots, mid-heels, platform shoes/platform heels, heel mules, peep-toe heels, square-toe heels, open-toe heels, kitten heels, block heels, or casual low heels, we have an excellent choice to help you put your best foot forward.


Head to the nearest Wildfire retailer or the online store and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later.