The High Heels You Didn’t Know You Needed!


Do you ever look into your wardrobe and feel like something is missing?

Chances are, you’re right! While no one expects you to have heels of every kind cluttering up your wardrobe, there are some designs that we think are essential. Are you ready to find out what they are? Find out now:


Every woman should have a pair of pumps in her wardrobe


These fantastic heels are a go-to style for any formal event, and they can be worn again and again with different clothing. If you want a reliable set of shoes that won’t look tired after one or two years, then these cute skinny heels should be in your next shopping cart. At Wildfire, we have versions in glossy patent and fuzzy faux suede, so you can pick the style that takes your fancy. The complementary colour range also makes heels of this sort effortless to match with other hues or striking patterns.


Delight and amaze with animal prints!


There’s no way you want to miss out on heels with stylish patterns in 2019. If you’ve been paying any attention to hot fashion looks this season, then you already know how prevalent animal prints are. So, we’ve brought snakeskin and leopard spots on some of our best heels for you.


Kitten heels provide you with leopard print shoes that are on the shorter side, but we also have some statement-making styles ready to go as well. Snakeskin is still new to the season, so the options are sparse, but you’re sure to love the cool-toned scales on our towering block heels.


How do you feel about half-covered heels?


Our structured styles have the cover of gladiator sandals and the silhouette of dressy block heels. With their laced upper and pin-punched material, these fantastic shoes will lift your outfit game instantaneously. They’re comfy enough to wear since the heels are only mid-high, and the stable base makes spending a day with these on your feet as easy as anything. Plus, since they have a smart-casual feel, you’ll be able to wear them with anything. If you match a pair with jeans, be sure to keep the high-cut ankle uncovered to maintain the cool profile.


Do you have stilettos in your current collection?


Because if you don’t have skinny heels, that needs to change! These slender styles are considered the most formal type of shoe and are an assumed pair in lavish settings. If you’ve ever attended or been to a wedding, you’ll already know that the most common heels are stilettos. With their smooth silhouette and leg-toning incline, these shoes bring grace and elegance to any ensemble. When it comes to pairing with formal wear, slim heels also look best with lightweight or flowing materials— platforms and block-based styles look too clunky. At Wildfire, our stilettos come mainly in beige and black and will mix into your existing wardrobe immediately.


Finally, treat yourself to some self-tie heels!


Gorgeous styles like these put a fun twist on your regular strappy shoes. Instead of buckling at the ankle or zipping up at the side, these heels have soft faux straps that you can tie to your liking. Maximize the slimming-down effect these have on your legs by lacing your heels up to your calves. Otherwise, bunching them at the ankle makes for a fashionable look too. If you want to give your usual weekend wear a touch of trendiness, then pair them with cut-off or cuffed jeans and let the laces peek out underneath.


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Get ready to unleash your wild side and keep your heels looking gorgeous!