The Ideal Wedding Shoes Require These 3 Things…

Looking For The Perfect Wedding Shoes?

Instead of detailing the ins and outs of Wildfire wedding shoes and their various looks, we thought we'd focus on the practical aspect. After all, most ladies already have a fair understanding of the colours or décor they should choose, and everyone has different tastes. Here are three things every pair of wedding shoes should have:

1) A heel that you can walk on

This opening requirement may seem obvious, but many people get pressured into buying wedding shoes that are inappropriate for the venue. You get your pick of flats, thick block heels, and skinny stilettos at Wildfire, so there's no excuse for choosing something that ends up getting abandoned. Flats and block heels are the most manageable in outdoor settings, as the better balance allows smooth motion across lawns, rocky paths, and various terrains. Wedding shoes with skinny heels, while elegant and graceful, are better left indoors. Before you start adding anything into your shopping cart, check and see where your wedding shoes will be traversing.

2) Long-lasting comfort

Wedding shoes must provide ample support and ease of wear for an action-packed day and night. No one will deny that Big Days are what they get called. Unlike other formal events and occasions, this particular ceremony has a unique ability to drag out at either end of the vows. If you're involved with planning or set up at any point, then there are sure to be last-minute jobs that need your attention. And, once the reception or after-party is in full swing, there's no telling what time you and your wedding shoes will end up retiring.

As such, it's crucial that your feet and wedding shoes work well together and can handle the ups and downs of the day. Our main tip is to choose a style that you are sure you can cope with for hours on end. It could be that you wear flats, or towering stilettos, or mid-high block heels. Only you know which wedding shoes will keep you relaxed and happy. Take the time to consider what yours may encapsulate.

Of course, there are measures you can take to ensure or assist with the comfort of your wedding shoes. Have a look at the Wildfire Sole Salvation pack, and you'll see that we have several foot care accessories which satisfy that purpose. Gel grips, blister plasters, and other add-ons can improve the fit and feel of your wedding shoes, and help achieve long-lasting cosiness.

3) A versatile design

A leading disappointment of wedding shoes is the fact that they are a one-time pair. You might drag them out for a stray dinner or work function, but other than that, those beautiful wedding shoes are going to stay cooped up in a box at the bottom of your wardrobe until you throw them out because you need free space. So, what's the solution? At Wildfire, we're firm believers in recycling fashion looks and getting your fair share of wear out of a pair!

One easy way to ensure that your wedding shoes will see the light of day more than once in their lifetime is to plan before you purchase them in the first place. If you have another fashion craving that needs fulfilment, then buying a two-in-one design is ideal. For instance, you might grab a natural patent pump for your wedding shoes, knowing that the subtle shade and classic look could be reincarnated as an office heel later. By plotting in advance, and you won't have to go out of your way to ensure that your wedding shoes get some mileage beyond the Big Day.

We hope that helps!

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