The Importance Of Comfortable High Heels For Work

Are You Looking For Comfortable High Heels For Work?

At Wildfire, we have shoes for all occasions and settings. If you are looking for work heels, then you have come to the right place! Like it or not, work heels are perceived as more professional and classy than any other style of shoes. If safety shoes and other protective footwear is not a prerequisite, if the dress code is formal or neat-casual, or if you are an employee in an office of some kind, then work heels will probably get expected in your wardrobe at some point.

Inspiring confidence

There are a plethora of physiological and psychological reasons for it, but most people can tell you that work heels inspire confidence. By giving you some extra height, you stand taller and more confidently than usual when you wear work heels. Even the sound of your shoes clicking and clacking on the ground as you go by can make you appear more self-assured and ready to get down to business.

So, why do we wear them?

In simple terms, it is a formality. As we said, work heels are considered more dressy and sophisticated than other shoe styles, which means that you risk looking underdressed if you choose to go for flats. Thankfully, Wildfire has some great choices for you.

Let's consider the height first, shall we?

Sling-backs and kitten-high work heels are the way to start in this department. If your job requires a lot of travel, walking, standing, or has you up on your feet non-stop, then a lower style of work heels is probably your ideal.

Our offer? We love sling-backs. At Wildfire, these are some of our most pragmatic work heels regarding height, with a short, thin stiletto base. The excellent comfort helps our sling-back work heels give this style a powerful allure to customers. The ability to adjust the buckled ankle strap for the best fit and feel is another significant factor. These are sweet, subtle, and a spectacular way to go from dusk until dawn feasibly in a set of work heels.

Add some stability

Who wouldn't want a little more balance in their life? At Wildfire, we bring it with our block-style work heels. Blocky work heels are the ultimate way to get the gorgeous, glamorous look of all your favourite styles, but with better security. If you want height without trading comfort, then a pair of work heels with a chunky base is the way to get it!

We have strappy styles that can be laced high or low up your calves, eye-grabbing structured looks, and stunning, simplistic, open-toed ones that you are sure to love. And, with a vast array of colours and finishes to decide between, Wildfire is sure to deliver something that will appeal to your aesthetic.

Pump it up!

You cannot go wrong with pumps from Wildfire! These are quintessential work heels and a must-have for any women's collection. Ours come in natural, red, and black. The favourite is a high-shine pump with a patent finish, but we also offer work heels in this style with smooth faux suede material as well. These are average height, which means you should be able to make it through the day comfortably as well.

Sneak some extra comfort

If you want you tall work heels to last longer without hurting your feet, then consider some sneaky additions. At Wildfire, we have various innersoles, grips, gel cushions, and other padding accessories to afford you comfort. These are incredibly subtle when worn inside of your shoes and hard for others to spot.

So, why wait?

Get a new pair of work heels from Wildfire today!