The Low Heel Trend is Back—Get Yours from Wildfire!

If there's a trend you'd love to join, it would be low heels because these will give you the added height you crave without the strain. Wearing shoes that aren't flat has always been a bane for many women. 


With the return of the low heel trend, this problem won't be an issue anymore.


Do you know what these shoes are?


Our team at Wildfire will gladly help explain more about low heels—the styles, colours, how to wear them, and their benefits. So if you're keen on starting, let's do it! Prioritise your health and comfort by adding these to your closet.


What Are Low Heels?


You can surmise from the name that these shoes have shorter heels than their traditional counterparts. The height of low heels typically ranges between 2.5 and 5 cm, making them ideal for long days at the office and special occasions. 


Several gorgeous designs are available at Wildfire, so don't think that because they are shorter, they also lack style.


Benefits of Wearing Low Heels


As mentioned, ladies have been avoiding wearing heels with staggering heights because of the expected pain and discomfort that come with them. So, we won't be surprised if you find the return of the low-heel trend to be a godsend. 


And if you're wondering what benefits, aside from looking great, you get from wearing these, here are the top ones:


  • Comfort – low heels put less strain on your feet, ankles, and legs because they don't put intense pressure on the balls of your feet like the tall ones.

  • Balance and Stability – Since these are closer to the ground upon contact, you are more stable with less risk of wobbling or toppling forward.

  • Reduced Injury Risks – There are fewer chances of twisted ankles or falls from wearing these. And because they are shorter, they won't push your feet forward, which usually causes calluses and corns.

  • Improved Posture – You can improve your posture by wearing these because they make you stand straighter and evenly distribute your weight. 


Meanwhile, remember, high heels alter your balance, forcing your body to move forward and giving you backaches from the pressure.


Different Styles Available


When you go to Wildfire's women's low heels section, you'll find a range of styles offering unique looks, adding some oomph to your everyday look. 


Since these are versatile, you can wear them repeatedly, dress them up or down, and use them for formal or casual events.


Style 1—Kitten


The most famous kind of low heel is the kitten. It's a short step up from flats and serves as a training heel for young girls exploring how to wear footwear with some height. 


The significant feature of these heels is their unique curved shape. The thinness of the heel is like stilettos, but they're more comfortable because they're shorter. Pointed pumps usually have kitten heels.


Slip on a pair of toe-thong heels with a trendy crocodile texture. If you're used to wearing thongs with the strap in between your toes, you'll love how this style gives you the same feel but with more height. 


Fill your wardrobe with a variety of these heels to match your usual day-to-day outfits – trousers, dresses, and jeans.


Style 2—Block Heels


You're mistaken if you think you can't double the comfort level of low heels. 


The second style available at Wildfire has a thick, broad heel that distributes your weight evenly, relieving all forms of pressure from your feet, legs, and back. Finding this footwear is a huge accomplishment for this season!


Among the styles with this heel available at Wildfire, we recommend choosing the strappy sandals with a self-tie ankle strap that goes up your calves. These can be your outfit's accent and focal point, so wear them with short or midi dresses. 


Tying the straps around your legs, elongate and make them slimmer. It also adds a sexy final touch to the overall look. Skirts will also pair well with them.


Style 3—Cake-stand


The best way to understand a cake-stand heel is to imagine the base of a cake stand and then mix it with a thin stiletto heel. These are easy to walk in because they flare at the bottom, covering more ground. 


People will ask about this unique footwear because these low heels make a massive statement for such a minor detail.


If you were to choose only one in this collection with a cake-stand heel at Wildfire, we recommend the slingback pointed-toe footwear. 


This selection has a diamante-studded design to help you sparkle even brighter in a crowded room, such as a dance floor. In addition, the strap around your ankles will ensure you won't lose them while you dance and have fun the entire night. 


Styling these low heels for a special event is much easier; match them with a white or black mini-dress. Expect your beautiful shoes to be the party's main topic!


Various Colours


Do you have a favourite colour? What is the most common shade if we open your closet now?


Wildfire's low-heel collection comes in seven gorgeous colours: black, clear, natural, pink, purple, vanilla, and white. 


While black is the easiest choice since it matches well with all other colours, it's time to leave your comfort zone and try something new!


We recommend the low heels in clear or no colour! This shade makes your legs longer and slimmer because the skin has no break. It's like being naked, but you're still wearing low heels. 


This online-exclusive shoe collection will make your special-occasion outfit pop and remain secure, thanks to the thick strap on top of your foot.


Style this perfect pair with a maxi or midi dress and long skirts. Or, go casual with these low heels by pairing them with shorts and denim skirts.


Hop on the Low Heel Trend! Find Your Perfect Pair at Wildfire!


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