The Lower the Better for Wedding Heels

Do you have an upcoming wedding to attend, or are you planning for your very own special day? If you are nodding yes, then you have come to the right place. Shopping for the perfect pair of shoes for your special day can be super challenging. We understand the struggle that comes with this process, which is why the team at Wildfire is here to help.


One thing we have learned is that women enjoy wearing low heels to special events such as weddings. It may be shocking to many of you, but a pair of low wedding heels are super beneficial to wear instead of high-heeled shoes. We have gathered a wide range of pumps that are perfect to wear to a wedding. 


Whether you are the bride or guest, a pair of low wedding heels will ensure you look gorgeous and feel super comfortable from morning until night. 


Style 1 – Ballet Flats


Say hello to a pair of ballet flats for your next wedding event. Who would have thought that these shoes could replace a set of high heels? We certainly did not, but we are so glad to have discovered these shoes again. Ballet flats come in and out of fashion quite often. This tip means that you can wear a pair of these shoes during any season of the year without worrying about not being up to date with the fashion trends. 


Ballet flats can easily replace a pair of women's heels because of their high level of comfort and style. These shoes are versatile because they can get worn to any event, whether dressy or casual. We know that you can pull off a pair of ballet flats to replace heels for any wedding. 


Girl, you could even wear these as slippers instead of the real thing. They are that comfortable, and you will hardly tell the difference. Ballet flats come in styles similar to what you can find in a pair of heels, so you look classy and glamourous for any wedding event. 


Style 2 – Small Wedge Heels


If you are searching for a perfectly made pair of low heels, then look no further. We are introducing the small wedge heels back into the fashion scene. These pumps are the perfect style of footwear to wear to just about any occasion. 


Whether it is formal or casual, you can always rely on a pair of small wedge heels. These pumps will look epic with your wedding outfit. These heels come in a range of colours and designs, perfect for brides who need an elegant colour and style of shoe. 


These heels will look perfect under a super cute wedding dress. You will feel comfortable and secure from morning until night, so you will not have to worry about falling over when you walk down the aisle. 


If you are a guest at a wedding, these heels are perfect for you to wear as well. Feel free to choose from a wide selection of colours and designs, which gives you an endless amount of outfit options. Rocking a pair of these wedding heels is a win-win for our eyes, sis! 


Style 3 – Block Heels


Keep things classy and sophisticated in a pair of block heels. These pumps are perfect to wear to a wedding thanks to their low height and elegant designs. Feel fabulous when you know that your outfit is a ten out of ten. 


Feel confident at your next event with a pair of block heels on your feet. You will get compliments coming in from left, right, and centre, girl! One thing that we adore about a pair of block heels is that they come in a wide range of colours and designs. 


There is never a new release of this shoe that looks the same as the last. There is always something unique about these kicks, which is what we love most about these heels. 


If you are the bride-to-be and need a gorgeous pair of heels to wear for your special day, try out our range of block heels. These pumps are easy shoes to wear and ensure that your feet are comfortable all day long. Slip into these kicks with ease and without compromising your style. 


Style 4 – Flatforms 


Are you attending a wedding during the warmer months of the year? If you are, then we have the perfect pair of shoes for you. Our range of flatforms is the perfect heels to wear to any special event. These shoes are making their way into the fashion scene this season and are becoming popular by the minute. Flatforms are a flashback to the '90s, where thick soles and open-toed shoes were a must-have. 


Fast-forward to now, and we get to see a pair of flatforms being styled as a pair of wedding shoes. Amazing, right? 


A pair of flatforms are a great pair of heels to rock for any outdoor wedding or in the warm seasons of the year. You will look your very best in these flatforms, no matter what colour or style you choose. Try out something new and step outside of your comfort zone with a pair of flatform heels, girl!  


Style 5 – Sandals


Treat yourself to a pair of this season's heeled sandals. You will soon find out that these heels are bound to become your next best friend. There is nothing better than rocking a super cute pair of pumps for your next event. 


Whether you are the bride to be or a wedding guest, you will look gorgeous in a set of these shoes. Heeled sandals are a game-changer in the fashion world. They are both stylish, fashionable, and classy, giving you plenty of versatility on places to wear them. 


These heels are perfect for your special day because they come in a wide range of colours and styles. You will find your favourite pair of pumps right here at Wildfire, girl! These shoes will ensure that your feet stay comfortable and supported throughout the day and night. 


You will love wearing a pair of wedding pumps to your next event!   


Get your favourite pair of pumps today! 


If you have found the perfect pair of pumps that are up to your alley, then there is no time to waste. Get your hands on these heels as soon as possible, girl! Your wedding outfit pop will look flawless when styled with your favourite pumps. Place your best foot forward and browse through our collection.


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