The Many Varieties Of Block Heels For Any Occasion

Wildfire has block heels for every occasion! Whether you’re heading off to see the girls, watch someone walk down the aisle, or dance the night away, we’ve got the shoes for you! 


Before we start on styles…

Why are block heels going to be a worthy addition to your wardrobe? Well, these thicker platforms provide the best balance and support for your legs long-term. Stilettos, pumps, and other skinny styles can be comfortable, but they’re still not as easy to walk in as block heels. Also, the broad base offsets a lot of strain and potential muscle fatigue. Do you plan on wearing your block heels from dawn until dusk? Do you want to be able to stand up, dance, or wander around at an event for countless hours? Well, we recommend that you get some of Wildfire’s best block heels on the case! 


Low block heels are a must-have for work! 

Who needs a new set for the office? Selecting work shoes can be tricky enough with a strict dress code, let alone when you need to think about the functionality and comfort. Luckily, block heels are a no-brainer in a work setting. Do you spend your nine-to-five in a formal office? Our elegant designs will fit right in! Do you spend the entire day up on your feet, or have a long transit to and from work? Wildfire’s low block heels offer the best endurance during a demanding workday and keep you going for longer! 


Do you need a pair that can protect your feet fully?

Boots are your best bet if you want block heels that provide the best coverage during cold weather and when you’re traipsing around outdoors. We have a few different designs here at Wildfire for you to try in 2020. For ladies who love leather-look boots, our ankle-length boots are sure to satisfy. These cosy and elasticized designs are easy to match with any outfit. Otherwise, Wildfire’s other styles come in soft faux suede. We have ankle-high, calf-high, and over-the-knee block heels in faux suede, which means you’ll have your pick of the lot. For the most dramatic aesthetic (and the best warmth), we recommend thigh-high boots. 


Mid-high mules can dress up or dress down as you like!  

These elegant and comfy shoes are the type of block heels that can suit any setting. Dress them under jeans and a cute top, and you’ll look ready for a coffee date or casual outing. If you need to wear your mules to a special occasion, then put these slide-on block heels on underneath your favourite dress or playsuit. Do you want to hear about some of our most popular designs? This year, customers are falling in love with our minimal block heels. Keep your eye out for designs with two wide top bands or slim straps if you want the trendiest pairs. 


Don’t forget about our wonderful wedges!

Yes, we’re going to count these as honorary block heels. After all, wedges come in similar designs and offer the same great benefits as our other platforms. These block heels were a favourite last year with our customers, especially espadrille pairs with braided rope detailing. In 2020, we’ve got some ultra-stylish options for you, including a pair with contrasting soles, a retro rounded buckle, and straps that give them a smooth look. Do you want steady comfort and a big height boost from your new block heels? Try one of our wedges and you won’t be disappointed! 


Buy your block heels today!

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