The Most Comfortable Wedding Shoes Perfect for Dancing Your Reception Away!

Planning for your big day means considering a list of things and deciding on them—the venue, the guests, the bridal party, the wedding dress, and the most comfortable wedding shoes are just some. 


One mistake that brides often make is leaving the bridal shoes as the last task, not knowing that it personally affects them and would require immediate and full attention. 


You'll wear your bridal shoes for long hours—when you walk down the aisle, the entire ceremony, the party, and the dancing. It's a fun night, so you wouldn't want to miss out on that because you've got the wrong footwear.


It's essential that you remain comfortable and supported the entire time. So to make it easier for you, the team at Wildfire rounded up the perfect pair of bridal shoes for the dance floor. 


Don't just shop for a pair from the Bella Belle line of wedding heels, flats, and sandals. Instead, consider the styles and features of the most comfortable bridal heels. 


More importantly, your shoes must ooze with style, as they will be in all your photos. People will watch you when you walk down the aisle and admire you from head to toe. 


Please give your audience a pair of shoes worth looking at and comfortable with! 


Lucky for you, Wildfire's bridal heels collection is a combination of function and fashion. We know brides need beautiful shoes that tick both boxes, so we've rounded up the features for your needs.


1. Heel Height


All-day comfort is equally important when searching for shoes you can wear for this big day. What's the point of having the most beautiful footwear when you must remove it after an hour because of pain?


Heel height is something to consider. It would help if you found shoes within a height range that would not hinder your ability to dance. We don't want the bride to fall flat on her face because she lost balance during the father-daughter dance. 


Turn your attention to the range of Wildfire's wedding shoes with low heels. This bridal shoe collection is perfect for wedding parties that last well into a fun evening. 


With a height range of 2.5–5 cm, you won't have to worry about anything as you enjoy the celebration.


You can elevate your reception experience when wearing Wildfire's clear pair of low heels, as they give off the vibe of glass slippers. Transparent bridal heels are a thing now; you should get one for yourself, too! 


2. Heel Width


Stiletto heels are sexy and can elongate your legs, but the narrow width forces your feet into an unnatural position that puts all the pressure in one place: the balls of your feet. 


The thickness of the bridal heels also plays a critical role in keeping you steady and comfortable. Wearing stiletto wedding shoes may put you in a precarious position, culminating in losing your balance.


How about considering Wildfire's block heels


Block Heels are comfortable wedding shoes that are perfect for busting a groove! The thick, broad heel distributes your weight evenly, relieving the pressure from the balls of your feet, legs, and lower back. But, of course, a modern bride would prefer to wear this on her wedding day.


Check out these gorgeous online exclusive block-heeled wedding shoes that will astonish everyone on the guest list. The footwear has a lovely silky material and a signature top strap with an oversized bow detail. 


Comfort and fit won't be a problem because of the buckled ankle strap, which you can adjust to have the best time on the dance floor! 


Knowing that your wedding shoes will support your feet and keep you comfortable all day and night removes one worry from your mind. 


Then, on the big day, all you need to do is have fun with the people who love you and are there to celebrate your milestone with you.


3. Closed or Open Toed


Do you remember those late-night clubbing days when people stepped on your foot while on the dance floor?


You spent the rest of the evening in pain on the sidelines after someone in stilettos stepped on you. Since then, you've sworn never to wear open-toed footwear when there's dancing involved! 


First, we must choose between closed and open-toed shoes for the wedding. If you're going out dancing and know that most people there will have had a few drinks, avoiding injury to your feet is wise. 


Wildfire has closed-toe options that will have you boogieing all night. Have you ever laid eyes on platform wedding shoes before?


These shoes have a retro feel reminiscent of the disco era in the 1970s. They are perfect as bridesmaid shoes and will help the wedding day shine with their thick heel at the back and platform in front.


While these wedding shoes are staggering in height, your feet remain level and comfortable because of the block heels and platform soles.


4. With or Without Straps


Straps provide function and fashion, securing the wedding shoes and providing adjustability while making your legs look slimmer. On the one hand, the Wildfire has heels that cling to your feet via a thick top strap or multiple straps, adding flair to your wedding gown. 


If you need more security, knowing you'll get dipped, twirled, and lifted during your reception, wearing wedding shoes with straps is best—less probability of accidents for you and your guests. 


You want to feel special; it won't happen with wedding shoes flying off your feet and hitting a wedding guest in the face!


The straps available at Wildfire usually have buckles for adjustment, so if you wanted to loosen the fit somewhere, you could! 


However, your comfort must be a top priority when choosing wedding shoes, especially ones you'll wear for dancing.


Dance Your Big Day Away with Wildfire Bridal Shoes!


Have the best time on your special day with Wildfire shoes for the wedding party! Please buy them early so you can practise walking and dancing in your wedding shoes. 


Head to the nearest Wildfire store or shop for bridal shoes online and take advantage of the flexible payment systems, which allow you to purchase now and pay later! Never leave buying your wedding shoes until the very last minute.