The Perfect Block Heel for Your Wardrobe

Are you looking for a perfectly made pair of pumps to enter your life? Well, look no further because the Wildfire crew have got you sorted. We are the experts to call about the ins and outs of owning a pair of shoes, so you are in good hands with your decision making. 


If you are stuck on what style of pumps to invest in, then get your feet ready for a pair of block heels – the ultimate go-to pair of dressy shoes. A set of block heels will ensure your feet look flawless from morning until night, no matter what occasion you have on. 


If your shoe collection seems a little dry and needs an upgrade, these shoes will be the go-to look. We have gathered the perfect selection of block heels that you can choose from. We know you will find something special for your next event, day in the office and celebrations. Take a quick view and keep on reading to find out more, sis! 


1. Strappy Leg-Tie


First up on the selection board is the strappy leg-tie block heels. This design is super on-trend and is a great shoe to wear when you want to emphasise your look and increase your heel height. The strappy leg-tie feature offers a range of different materials and colours to choose from. 


These straps will usually match the footwear design, making them super funky to wear to your next event. Be a trendsetter with these block heels and show every other girl what they are missing out on. This is good pair of shoes for a customer creating a fashion statement.


The best part about wearing a pair of these pumps with leg-tie straps is that you can flaunt your golden legs that have formed from the summer sun. 


So, if you have not already noticed, these block heels are the perfect choice to wear throughout summer. They are breathable, stylish, and perfect for the warm weather. We love to rock a pair of these block heels with a mini dress or a pair of shorts and a cute crop top. 


Both of these looks can get dressed up if needed, and with the help of these strappy leg-tie pumps, it should be easy to achieve. This footwear design is a must-have during the warm weather seasons, so make the most of it and flaunt what you’ve got, girl!


2. Clear Block Heels


Are you in the mood to try something new? If you are nodding yes, then these clear block heels are a must-have in your shoe collection. These pumps are trendy styles of footwear that are making headlines all around the world. These pumps offer a unique design to the fashion world, varying heights, and let people test some boundaries of style and fashion. 


These new arrivals shoes are the style of footwear that girls will choose to wear when they want their dress to stand out. The dress will always be the centre of attention when you style it with a pair of clear block heels because these shoes are so quick to blend into your skin colour. 


You will find that a set of these pumps are perfect when you want to flaunt your latest look or feel like changing things up in your fashion wardrobe. 


These pumps give you plenty of creative freedom when it comes to putting an outfit together because you can wear a vibrant dress and not worry about the shoes clashing. There is nothing worse than your chosen pair of block heels not looking good with the outfit you wanted to wear. 


That is why a set of clear block heels are necessary for you to invest in, girl!


3. Kitten Block Heels


Say hello to our new favourite style of block heels, the kitten pumps! This design is super trendy and ready for you to wear as soon as possible. This design on these shoes has taken inspiration from the stiletto shoes. 


Every girl understands the struggle of wearing a pair of stilettos, so designers agreed to create the perfect in-between. The kitten block heels provide you with the same style, like a pair of stilettos but give you the option of comfort with the block heels design. 


These are only some of the reasons why a set of kitten block heels are a must-have in your wardrobe. We love to style these pumps with a flowy dress or spice them up with a corporate vibe. 


Whether it is a day at work or a night full of cocktails with friends, you can trust that you will look your very best in a pair of kitten block heels. We have to fill you in when wearing these pumps because they are super comfortable too!


You will feel the air under your feet when you rock a pair of kitten block heels. So, try your luck and invest in a new style of footwear, girl! 


4. Platform Slides


Do you need a pair of pumps for your day-to-day activities? If you are nodding and in your head, you are saying yes, then you will love what we have in store for you. You can find that a pair of platform slides will take you through the summer weather with style and ease. 


Platform slides are a style of block heels that tend to go unnoticed. These awesome shoes are making a comeback this season, so you can take advantage of this trend and rock your next best pair of platform slides. 


These block heels are perfect for summer weather because you can easily slide in and out of them without any worries. Platform slides are the type of footwear you would wear with a flowy summer outfit and your bikinis. This look is perfect for when you spend a day at the beach and decide that a swim in the ocean would be a fun idea. 


The best part about these block heels is that you can throw them on straight after your ocean dip and grab dinner and a drink without losing your style. These block heels are super trendy and can take you from the beach to drinks with ease. Woohoo! 


5. Toe-Loop Block Heels


Treat yourself to a new style of block heels. That’s right, and we are talking about the toe-loop block heels. These pumps are an on-trend design of the classic block heels, and we are seriously obsessed!


You will fall in love with these toe-loop block heels as soon as you lay your eyes on them. They offer a unique style of shoe for every female to enjoy, and they can get worn with just about any outfit. These block heels come in a wide range of colours and designs, so you will never be stuck on choice when you faster checkout these pumps. This style of shoe can get paired with low-key looks and super dressy outfits. 


Your options are endless when it comes to a pair of toe-loop block heels. We recommend wearing a pair of these pumps with a cute, t-shirt dress or a button-up shirt and some high-waisted jeans. You will have all eyes on you when you rock a pair of these toe-loop block heels, sis!   


Ready to Get Your Hands on a New Pair of Block Heels?


We hope our selection of block heels has inspired you to try something new and give your shoe collection a bit of a shakeup. You will find the perfect pair for you on the Wildfire shop website, so close checkout what is on offer today, babe!  


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