The Perfect Bridesmaid Shoe!

Do you have a wedding coming up? Get ready for the Big Day with Wildfire! Take out our fantastic formal shoes, and you can ensure that you look and feel your best. Trying to find footwear that matches your dressiest attire can seem tricky, especially if you’re a bridesmaid and don’t get to choose your outfit. However, with our expansive selection of heels, stilettos, slides, sandals, and other formal shoes there to support you, finding a pair from our collection should be smooth sailing! We’ll walk you through a few of our best-loved looks for this year (including both our classic and trendy designs) to give you an idea of your potential picks. 


But first, how comfortable are you wearing formal shoes with heels? 

Some people seem to think that stilettos and block heels are the only truly elegant styles. But, don’t get fooled into thinking that you can’t try anything else. Flatform formal shoes, sandals, Wildfire’s other heelless styles are worthy choices too. The aesthetic of your footwear is important, but so is your comfort and confidence! Before you pick out your new formal shoes, consider how long the set-up, ceremony, reception, and after-party could last. Because, if you can’t spend hours in tall heels without getting sore, then you might end up sitting down to rest your feet instead of enjoying the celebrations. Wildfire has an array of gorgeous and elegant flat formal shoes, so there’s no excuse for compromising your comfort! However, if you’re confident that you can go all day and night in the tallest heels, then our platforms are yours to peruse! 


Feel the magic of our mule-style formal shoes! 

Since mules have such a minimalistic design, they are the perfect match with floor-length outfits. Many women can accidentally end up covering ankle features on their formal shoes when they wear long dresses and skirts, which takes away from the overall aesthetic. Since there are open backs and no ankle straps to speak of on our sweet mule styles, they are a go-to for full-length bridal wear. Plus, formal shoes like mules keep the cute straps and other features on the toes, which will still peek out and look pretty! Most of these block-based styles have wide, mid-high platforms, which means ease of wear whether you end up indoors or outdoors. There are a few different variations of these formal shoes at Wildfire, so you can decide which height works best for you and narrow down your choices from there.  


Faux suede formal shoes could be the ones for you!

Do you want bridal wear with that little something extra? A trendy fabric can take any pair of formal shoes to the next level, and our faux suede designs are proof of that! Glossy leather-look heels are a popular pick, but we know you’ll love taking these styles out for a spin. Faux suede formal shoes have an air of luxury and indulgence, and the material is soft against your skin. If you’ve had bad experiences with inflexible heel straps that dig into your skin, then you’ll adore this malleable material all the more! 


Did we mention that our team can arrange large orders of formal shoes easily?

If you’re in charge of organizing footwear for the bridal party, then get in contact with the Wildfire online team! We’ll happily arrange a bulk order for you if you buy ten or more pairs. When handling large orders like these, we tend to put your formal shoes together into a big box for extra-safe travel (and your convenience), instead of splitting up the order into different parcels. How great is that? When you shop for formal shoes at Wildfire, we do our utmost to deliver the best customer service every time. Try our formal shoes today!