The Perfect Heel For A First Date!

Looking for the perfect shoes to wear on a first date? At Wildfire, we have you covered! It’s a tricky one for us ladies, your flats are just that little bit too casual for a first date and you feel overdressed in your high heels. So you need that perfect in-between shoe.


Head over to Wildfire and we have the perfect collection of shoes to get you through your first date “what to wear” dilemmas for extended sizes and more!


So whatever your first date activities entail, we have you covered! For that perfect in-between square toes shoe that is dressy and relaxed all in one, then we recommend trendy (and comfortable) kitten heels.


The little heels offer a little more height than your average everyday flat shoes or platform sandal. However, you won't be a struggling baby giraffe walking through town in your sky-high pump heels either!


Kitten Heels Are Your Answer


The beauty of these date night heels is their comfort; they will keep you comfortable throughout your whole date, whatever you may be doing!


Whether you are bar-hopping on a Friday or Saturday night, or simply heading out to dinner, or spending a day out and about at some beautiful wineries. Whatever the activity, kitten court shoe heels are your answer!


Slip into a pair of peep toes kitten heels to complete any outfit, these babies are super trendy, and their minimal appearance will have your shoes looking effortless and relaxed, but just the right amount of dressy!


Slip-On Styles


Our slip-on styles are versatile and comfortable, so they will be sure to get you through any event. Our slip-on women’s heels come in either a low block, cake stand or low stiletto heels shape, so you can guarantee we have the perfect heels for you, whatever you feel comfortable in!


If your date requires more movement, like bar hopping or wine touring, then we recommend opting for a sturdy chunky designer brands block heel.


Since you are on a first date, you want to make sure you put your best foot forward, so if your date entails some walking, then block mid heel are perfect!


However, if you are heading out to a lunch or dinner, or a specific bar for drinks, then you can most definitely opt for a cake stand or low stiletto shape instead.


Whatever dress shoes you choose to wear, you can bet that you will be putting your best foot forward and will leave a lasting impression! Our slip-on heels are incredibly trendy, find the perfect strappy style for you, or opt for a thong heels style with knotted toe details.


Our collection of slip-on kitten heels is diverse and varied. So you can be sure to find your favourite platform heels shoes in more than just one colour and fabric texture. Our heels come in a range of popular colours and textures, like the 90s trend of crocodile skinned textured heels.


How To Wear Kitten Styles


It's hard enough working out what to wear on a first date, so Wildfire is here to make finding the perfect black heels a breeze! And now that you’ve found the ideal women’s heels online let's work on the rest of the outfit.


It’s a good idea to keep your outfit as comfortable and straightforward as possible. Just like your mule heels shoes, you don’t want to wear an outfit that you will be fiddling with through the entire date.


So steer away from your usual platform heels, reveal clubbing attire, and find an outfit that will keep you comfortable and relaxed. And in our opinion, you can’t go wrong with jeans on a first date!


However, if you aren’t a jeans-and-top kind of girl, don’t let us stop you! These heel sandal still look incredible when worn with your favourite occasion dresses and skirts too.


Be sure to make a lasting impression in a sleek midi skirt and an oversized blouse tucked into the front or even a cropped chunky knit to dress down your outfit slightly.


The options are endless at Spendless! The key here is to dress how you usually would dress and be comfortable and confident in what you are wearing!


Our heel shoes look great when they are worn with jeans, so pair up your favourite high waisted jeans with a cropped blouse and some slip-on barely there heels.  

Keep your outfit minimal and straightforward, you don’t need to go overboard to make a good impression, and you can guarantee that finishing off a simple outfit like this with some pair of black kitten heels is the perfect finishing touch.


It’s not too much, nor not enough. These peep toe heeled slip-ons are the perfect shoes for a first date, in our opinion!


More Than Just For First Dates


We love seeing these online exclusive heels being worn daily rather than saving them for special occasions only. Since these shoes feature a small miniature heel, it makes them comfortable and stable to wear all day for events other than just nights out.


More and more women opt to wear black patent kitten heels into the office and their weekend strap mules casual wear.


Pair these low heels with your work pants, skirts and dresses and still feel chic and comfortable enough to take them out to after-work drinks too, without feeling like a corporate woman out and about in her pantsuit!




Now that the cooler weather is starting to settle in, we don’t blame you for wanting to keep your toes warm for your upcoming first date. Then why not opt for a pair of ankle boots or knee high boots for your first date?


If you do choose sleek ankle style lace up boots, then again, pair these with an excellent high waisted wide leg pair of jeans and throw on a cropped blouse or chunky knit to complete your winter look. You will most definitely stay cosy all night long, and we don’t mean cuddles from your date either!


Find the perfect height and style of heeled boots at Wildfire, find a soft suede-look, smooth black leather-look or the popular crocodile skin texture, and of course, in various colours.

Just like our kitten heel sandal, our leather boots will get you through any kind of date in comfort and style.


What Are You Waiting For?


Do yourself a favour and make your way to Wildfire today and find the perfect heels online for you. Grab yourself a pair of heels that are perfect for any first date!