The Perfect Men’s Dress Shoe

Do you have heaps of special events coming up and you need a dress shoe for them? Possibly you are just after the perfect men's dress shoe you have in your wardrobe for a rainy day or for an event that you think may be coming up soon. Have no fear Spendless shoes have you covered.

Our website is a great starting point to try and locate the perfect men's dress shoes, and we have a huge range for you to locate a great dress shoe. If you go to our website under the men's menu, you will find a subheading that is called dress and this is where you can find all our dress shoes in one location.

In our dress section on the website, we have a range of styles such as shoes that go with a tuxedo or suit pants to boots. Our range is great for all occasions and especially dressy occasion, and we have a range of colours such as black and tans and even a small range of leather dress shoes as well. As well as having a range of colours and styles the men's dress shoe range is completely affordable ranging from $29.99 up to $79.99. The perfect shoe really depends on what you are looking for whether that is a slim dressier type of shoe or a dress boot and all of these can be found on our website. The perfect men's dress shoe is something that is simple and fits in nicely with a dressy outfit. However, there is another men's dress shoe that could be a perfect fit for a dressy outfit, and these are our Boat shoes which can be found under our casual range. The boat shoe in recent years has become a staple in any wardrobe and can be a great alternative to a normal formal shoe.

If you have located a dress shoe that you are in love with you can order online our website which also gives your three shipping options. All information on us on our shipping details can be found here. If you would like to try your perfect shoes on in one of our stores before you buy, you can also do that, and you can locate your shoes two ways. First, you can use our Store Finder on the website where you can place in your postcode, and it will find the nearest store to you. Another way is that you can use our find in store locator on the actual shoe all you have to do is go onto the shoe that you like choose the colour and size and then click find in a store. Just like on our store finder you just place your postcode in and then update the selection, and it will tell you if the shoe you are after is at your nearest store. If all else fails and you are still trying to find the best way to purchase your perfect men's dress shoes you can give us a call on 1800 357 427 where one of our staff can help you!