The Perfect Shoe For Any Wedding!

Stylish Wedding Shoes


Are you shopping around for wedding shoes with that little something extra? Find gorgeous styles when you buy at Wildfire! Need some advice? We’re here to help. Read on for a look at our wedding shoes and ultimate tips.


Shop for comfort and style


You probably don’t need to hear this from us, but make sure that your wedding shoes are ones that you can see yourself surviving in for the full duration of the event. Nothing is worse than having shoes that cause sore feet and ruin a festive occasion. Instead of chatting, dancing, and enjoying the celebrations, you end up sidelined and miserable thanks to wedding shoes that cause aching soles and tender blisters.


We’ve all seen or heard stories about brides, bridesmaids, and other guests who couldn’t take the pressure — the ones who end up going barefoot in a desperate attempt to salvage the night.


Don’t let this be you. Choose low heels or flats, pack a spare pair, or sneak in some foot care accessories. Prepare whatever you need to and ensure that your wedding shoes go the distance.  


Select your heel style carefully


As some of our most glamorous styles, high heels are also our most popular wedding shoes. Wildfire has an array of different options, so you can pick styles that suit the setting (and your outfit) flawlessly. And, with heights ranging from low to high, you can also select kinds at your ideal sizes too.


Stilettos are essential at the most formal indoor venues. Slime and graceful, these slim wedding shoes are a natural choice with flowing and light-feeling dresses.


Block heels are a better fit for the outdoors. Bold yet sophisticated, wedding shoes in this look make easy work of lawn, decks, and other uneven surfaces. You’ll also get to enjoy more balance and support.


We also have wedges. Espadrilles are the hot pick for 2019, and our favourite wedding shoes in this particular look are sleek and smoothly-based and finished in a natural tone.


Finally, you could choose to forgo heels altogether. If a beach ceremony is in the works, or you’ve had one too many bad experiences wearing heels, then our flat sandals will make a sweet style. With lovely self-tie straps, flat wedding shoes have the charm of your best heels and none of the drawbacks.  


Don’t settle on a one-hit wonder!


One thing that we think is crucial at Wildfire when you’re picking wedding shoes is buying something that you know you’ll be able to wear again. Wishful thinking doesn’t count, by the way. If your new pair of wedding shoes take up residence in your wardrobe inside their box and do nothing but collect dust, then you’ve wasted money and a prime opportunity.


To make sure that this doesn’t happen to you, take quick stock of your current formal styles, consider the gaps, and go from there. For instance, if your old office favourites are looking tired, then shop with a look to find a design that will make excellent wedding shoes and work heels in one. You’ll save by getting two pairs in one, and have your fair share of wear with an elegant and beautiful pair of wedding shoes. It's a win-win scheme!


Why wait?


The styles of your dreams are only a few clicks away! Search the Wildfire collection online today, and get a head start on your shopping. We can answer any questions that you have, delivery is fast, and our wedding shoes are excellent! With flexible payment options available, you can even save yourself the stress of paying for the bridal party all at once. Unleash your wild side today and shop for the perfect wedding shoes!