The Perfect Wedding Shoe For The Stylishly Modern Bride

Looking For The Perfect Wedding Shoes

Picking the ideal wedding shoes can be difficult for guests, but what about the bride? All eyes will be on you during this exceptional day, and you need to look the part. But there are other things to consider beyond the look before you start shopping and selecting styles. Here’s what to think about for your wedding shoes before the Big Day rolls around!

1) Are you going to use heels to correct your dress length?

If you are in a floor-length gown, then there’s a chance that you need heeled wedding shoes to keep the hem from brushing the ground. The right set of high heels can solve the issue for you! Wedding shoes can give you an instant lift, so many brides use that to their advantage deliberately. But, if you’re running out of time, money, and patience, and want to avoid altering the dress, this is a fast fix! Make sure to measure twice and figure out how tall or short your wedding shoes need to stand before you start browsing designs.

2)Consider the setting and duration of the celebrations

The best wedding shoes for indoor and outdoor venues can be poles apart when it comes to their designs. If you plan on sticking to carpeted floors and seated tables after vows get exchanged, then towering heels will be no problem. But, try to take wedding shoes like that outside on lawns, uneven paths, or a crowded dance floor, and you’ll start running into issues. Whatever style you choose from Wildfire, make sure to select designs you trust to see you through.

3) Another comfort-focused feature to ruminate on is the heel

Don’t let your festivities get spoiled by sore feet or the wrong pair of wedding shoes! Each woman has unique limitations and capabilities when it comes to handling high heels. Some ladies love their towering stilettos and move across needle-thin points with ease. However, other people find flats impossible to take from dawn until dusk, let alone some sky-high wedding shoes. While everyone wants fairytale footwear to walk them into their happily-ever-after, it’s important to be realistic about the sort of wedding shoes that will survive the trip. So, pick something you know you can wear and avoid sore feet!

If you need extra support and stability, then Wildfire’s thicker block heels or kitten-heeled wedding shoes are the best options for the bride-to-be. Of course, we love seeing skinny heels and tall points walking down the aisle as well!

4) Colours and decorations

As arguably our most elegant styles, wedding shoes from Wildfire come in a range of finishes to suit any customer’s pleasure. As well as a vast selection of heels shapes and overall designs, you can find the same wedding shoes in different shades or textures too.

White and natural will always be favourites on the Big Day. Not only are these shades recognised as classics, but they also complement dresses without drawing eyes or attention away. For the trendiest brides of 2019, wedding shoes in pale lilac would be a lovely pick. Lilac is stylish but subtle under white gowns, so that little hint of colour will add to your overall look.

Beyond that, designs bearing sparkling rhinestones or diamantes are fantastic too! Whether you need a last touch of glamour, something to match your jewellery, or you adore wedding shoes that make your feet glimmer, our dazzling styles can help.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to choose your best wedding shoes!

We hope this little guide has narrowed down some of the choices and start forming an image of what your wedding shoes may look like. Come browse our collection online today!