The perfect wedding shoes

Perfect Wedding Shoes

So, you are on the prowl for the best wedding shoes. At Wildfire, our formal footwear comes in so many variations that you are almost guaranteed to find multiple styles that tickle your fancy. Whether you love tall heels or short, Wildfire can help you get wedding shoes you are sure to adore. Now, let's get to it!

Picking a style

If you love pumps and stilettos, we have you covered. Tall, slim heels make up a reasonable portion of our wedding shoes. These always look superb in photos and can have you towering over the other members of the bridal party if you would like. As long as you plan well, there is no reason why you cannot wear stilettos as wedding shoes. Worried about sore feet? Invest in some innersoles or other inserts. Break your wedding shoes in before the special day. You could even save these exclusively for photos or until your feet have had enough— bring an extra pair and switch them over when need be.

Otherwise, you can get that lovely slim heel for your wedding shoes, but in the form of a lower style. Try a kitten heel!

Block heels and low mules are perfect for hours of wear. They also provide more stability on uneven surfaces, so if your wedding shoes are going to encounter different challenges at the venue, a chunkier base is probably the way to go.

Surely you knew we would throw sandals in here somewhere? After all, sandals make excellent wedding shoes. First, they provide comfortable wear over long hours— this is a must for any set of wedding shoes. Second, you can wear sandals on more varied surfaces than your standard heels. While block heels or heel stoppers can provide a safer walk across decks or lawns, if the special day is getting hosted on a sandy beach, you would be much better off attending in flat wedding shoes.


With so many styles to choose from, it, unfortunately, spawns some debate over the best colours. Many of our gorgeous wedding shoes come in several different colours and materials. So, which is the best for you?
White is an ever-popular pick, for obvious reasons. Whether you are the one walking down the aisle or just an attendee, it would be a rare occurrence when white wedding shoes are inappropriate. They are elegant and straightforward, which makes them an easy pick.

Silver wedding shoes are also at the top of the list. Matching a set of sparkly silver heels with an equally shiny purse provides a natural balance to your outfit. Silver is subtle but also very beautiful, and dazzling diamante trimming or a glittery finish adds a level of sophistication.

Speaking of metallic colours; how do you feel about gold? Gold wedding shoes can be accessorised effortlessly with jewellery, and make-up too. Rose gold is a colour that is definitely in this season, especially when they have such smooth and glossy finishes. That little hint of pink adds another level to your look.

Nude heels are lovely up against bolder colours or styles. If you want your clothes to be the focus, picking wedding shoes in a natural tone is the best way to do it. You also get the advantage of making your legs look slimmer and more elongated, as skin-coloured wedding shoes help blur the line between where you end, and your heels begin.

Hopefully, we have given you a little insight into the pros and cons of various styles of Wildfire wedding shoes. In the end, only you can decide what the perfect pair for you would be. So, when you shop wedding shoes at Wildfire, what will you choose?