The Perfect Wedge For Any Outfit!

Your Guide To Wearing Wedges


Looking for shoes that make you look and feel great? Are you sick of wobbling on skinny silhouettes and stumbling around in block heels? It’s time that you tried a pair of wedges! These stunning platform shoes are the perfect pick for ladies of all ages, thanks to their reliable comfort and long-lasting wear! Read on for an overview of our styles and their advantages!


So, how do wedges help your appearance?


Wedges can improve the fit of long clothes (like jumpsuits) on short women. While we all wish we could rock onesies and ankle-grazing ensembles, they naturally fit better on ladies with small hips and long legs. And, as anyone on the shorter side will know, while the top half of your outfit might go on perfectly, your feet could still be swimming in fabric.


For starters, they should keep your hemline clean and off the ground. Because of the incline that wedges angle you on, the muscles in your legs and ankles will be defined. This should mean tight sections of material in the thigh should ease up or vanish.


And, with the slop arching your spine for a straight back, wedges complete the transformation. Any problem areas in your jumpsuit or long skirt will be gone, and you can step out confidently.


You’ll want a base with at least nine or more centimetres the most effective shaping.


Can you believe that one set of wedges can do all of this?


Now that we know what shoes like this can do for you, it’s time to talk about the different sorts!


Are you self-conscious about your calves?


Don’t stress— Wildfire has wedges to help you out too! If you’re ready to look and feel your best, then let us find shoes that can beat back silly insecurities! Despite the fact that they’re meant to look the way they do, calves can be a sore spot for some ladies. If you want to wear shorts, miniskirts, or summery dresses, then our strappy wedges are the ones for the job.


With their elegant base to refine leg shape, espadrille wedges are trendy and oh-so-comfortable. You can customise the height and tension of the faux suede straps to suit your pleasure, so there’s no need to worry about laces digging into your legs.


At Wildfire, we love wedges with long straps crisscrossed high up the calves, but you can lace them whichever way takes your fancy.


Now, what about buckled wedges?


If smooth and sleek styles are the stuff of your dreams, then our minimalist wedges are a natural choice. These have a single band across the toes, a broader ankle band with an oversized buckle feature, and a silky-feeling platform. Wedges like these look good with summer clothes or winter ones, so all-year wear is always never out of the question.


You could slim-down a floaty maxi dress with a pair of our smooth wedges, but they’ll readily complement body-con outfits too!


The perfect pair to keep things casual


If your next set of wedges are destined for coffee dates, shopping trips, catch-ups with friends, and other casual wear, then a slight platform will do beautifully. While our highest wedges are supportive and comfy, they might overdo it on an average day. A lower, subtler style is the better choice in your everyday collection. At Wildfire, our casual options have a twine-textured finish, matte material, and sweet crossover bands for your toes.


We’ll help you find your favourites in no time!


Unleash your wild side with fabulous new wedges from Wildfire. We’re only a few clicks away!